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Spanish Abroad Inc.

Hello, does anybody have any knowledge of this company? (Spanish abroad Inc.) It's a company that allows you to travel to Spanish speaking countries and you get to stay with a host family. For a cost, of course. I have doubts about it and they're only growing.. I can find hardly any information about their programs outside of their site "Spanish", and the information I have found is all negative. I signed up for a 3 week program in Malaga, Spain but they have not been answering my questions.. Please tell me of any experiences you have with this company!

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Sure hope you have not given them any money yet.

They have a good BBB rating but their address looks like it might be a UPS store 'mail box'

Maybe 'horsewoofie' can do a drive by and see if there is a real office

good luck

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Seems like a lot of red flags. Negative reviews and not responding to questions should be all you need to know to make a decision.