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Spain with weekend trip in Paris

Hi fellow travelers!
My daughter is studying in Madrid.
My other daughter and I are coming to visit.
We will arrive in Madrid on 4/24
Madrid 4/24, 4/25, 4/26; 4/27 on one day (day trip to Segovia + Toledo)
Both of my daughters want to visit Paris, so I am out voted there.
Paris 4/28, 4/29, 4/30 and return to Madrid 5/1
After that I would like to visit the South of Spain.
I am thinking:
Seville, White hill towns and Ronda, Malaga (famious hike in a.m. and beach in afternoon), Nerja, Ferillana and then finally Granada.
Is this a good plan and if so how long should I spend in each of these areas?
Thank you!!
We will fly out of Spain on 5/13

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That is much improved on your first plan!
I don't know Ferillana.
Are you returning to Madrid for departure?
Did you check flights from Paris to the other cities? Malaga, Sevilla, and Jerez airports are all possibilities if there are direct flights.
Make a list of what you want to see in each place to determine number of days.
The hill towns portion will depend on if you want to rent a car or not. Otherwise you can probably books some kind of driving tour in Sevilla or Ronda.

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5/1 and 5/2 will be public holidays in Spain. And likely France. Not impossible, but that could call for some more careful strategizing.

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Are both daughters going to the south of Spain? If so fly out of Madrid and into Málaga and work your way back to Madrid if that’s where you’re flying home from.

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Hi to everyone who posted a response.

Good to know about the holidays in Spain on 5/1 and 5/2.

My potential schedule is based my daughter (Alexandra) in college joining us for a weekend in Paris and then meeting us in the South the following weekend.

After Paris:

On 5/1:
Alexandra would fly from Paris to Madrid.

My other daughter and I could fly from Paris to Sevilla (see Sevilla and day trip to Rhonda and white hill towns). Dates would possibly be 5/1, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4.

5/5 - 5/8 Alexandra would join us in the south (possibly Malaga)
We would do hike in Malaga and beach in p.m.
Then visit coast Nerja and Frillana.
5/8 Alexandra goes back to college.

5/9, 5/10; visit Cordoba
5/11; 5/12 visit Granada and fly home

I'm aware that Paris and the coast are not optimal, but I have a 19 and 21 year old that have ideas about the trip.....
Please let me know what you think of the itineary.
I can still move things around if anyone has a brilliant plan.

Thank you!!!!!

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Nerja is nothing special IMO and Frigiliana has some cute instagrammable spots but is not a huge highlight otherwise. This said, if you have a car, they can be on the way between Malaga and Granada.

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May 1 is indeed also a national holiday in France. Since it falls on a Sunday this year, it won't make too terribly much difference from a regular Sunday (in terms of closures, but do check any museum/site/restaurant to see if they are closing that day), but there will be the traditional demonstrations etc.

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Toledo and Segovia:

I would certainly not take a one-day tour that combines Segovia and Toledo. Each is worth a full day; Toledo's worth more than one day. They are in opposite directions from Madrid. ViaMichelin estimates the total driving time Madrid-Segovia-Toledo-Madrid at over 4 hours--and that's in a private car, not a tour bus that has to unload and reload (and wait for late arrivals) at each stop. Aside from having really insufficient time in both places, I wouldn't want to be on a tour that decided how to divide up that insufficient time.

It's easy to get to either place by fast train; you can buy tickets from vending machines. Ask a uniformed employee to point out the correct machines. All the tickets to Toledo are the same price; Return trains can sell out, so it might be prudent to buy a round-trip ticket at the beginning. You'll have to choose a departure time; all those trains have reserved seats.

Toledo trains depart from Puerta de Atocha station in Madrid; you'll probably want to take a local bus or taxi from the Toledo train station up to the historic center. There's also one of those little tourist "trains" that will do the job; it has been recommended because it stops at a very good viewpoint on the way.

Segovia trains depart from Chamartin station in Madrid. Segovia fares vary by time of day and type of train; any will be fine as long as you choose a train with a travel time of about 30 minutes. Slower trains will be a lot slower, and you'll want to avoid those on the outbound trip, at least.


I'm not clear on the precise timing of the planned relocation from Madrid to Seville, but I think the day trip to Ronda is going to leave you with too little time in Seville. There are potential work-arounds:

  • See whether that side trip can be done from Malaga (a pleasant place that does have some sights but which needs less time than Seville).
  • Rent a car for the day and hit Ronda en route from Seville to Malaga. Caveat: I have not driven in Europe, much less driven Seville-Ronda-Malaga. ViaMichelin says the drive alone would take close to 4 hours with no stops, navigational errors, searching for parking etc. A good bit of that drive may be on curvy secondary roads. The ViaMichelin map shows it to be far from a straight shot. It could be quite tiring for the driver.
  • Reallocate days between Seville and Malaga. I realize your daughter's school schedule makes this a non-trivial task.


The part of your itinerary that has you traveling from Malaga up to Cordoba and back down to Granada seems non-ideal. I don't have a suggesting for fixing that, given the need to work around your student-daughter's schedule.