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Spain's tourism numbers back to pre-pandemic levels

The full recovery of Spain's tourism sector appears to be close at hand, as per a recent Reuters report. In April 2022, 6.1 million foreign tourists visited Spain, spending 6.9 billion euros, just shy of the 7.1 bln euros spent in April 2019. This is great news as Spain's tourism sector accounted for 12% of its economy before the pandemic.

The interesting bit is that this appears to be a "different" kind of tourism compared to pre-pandemic overtourism that ravaged places like Barcelona. Now it looks like visitors had on average spent more and stayed longer than before the pandemic. "We are moving towards a higher-quality and more profitable tourism model" per Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto.

She continued "Our outlook for the coming year is very positive. The war (in Ukraine) and its economic consequences are not affecting the tourism recovery, but we have to be vigilant."


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And we will be contributing to their recovery in October. Just booked our Plane tickets for a 22 night stay. Looking at hotels now and train tickets.

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Interesting development!
I'll be contributing as well with a 2-week trip to Galicia and Asturias scheduled in July. Can't wait!

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Yes, I am also glad that the government used the slowdown from the pandemic to create a hopefully more sustainable tourism model.

I know Barcelona is making a big push to clamp down on both petty crime and drunk/disorderly tourists for this summer season, with extra police officers and stiffer penalties/fines.

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1000s are walking the Caminos through Spain!
Just a month ago, 1200-1300 Pilgrims were arriving in Santiago each day, now it is 2300-2500 and the season just started. It is a Holy Year and people have been planning their Caminos for 2-3 years now. Some towns simply got overrun at the beginning of May, there were so many people walking. Not sure how much this contributes to the Spanish economy, but it certainly keeps all those people who have hotels, pensions, cafes and restaurants located on all of the various Camino routes in business.