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Haven't booked anything yet but want to travel mid APRIL -MAY

So we plan on flying into Paris via UNITED AIRLINES and departing back to the USA from Madrid on UNITED AIRLINES.

I can fly out from Madrid or Barcelona to the USA. I can also rearange this Itinerary. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!

Spain for 21 DAYS

April 15 Paris for 3 nights *
considering taking train from Paris to San Sabastian, Spain to enjoy the train scenery.

April 18th for San Sabastian, Spain 3 nights

April 21st Bilbao 2 nights

April 23 fly to Santiago de Compostela 3 nights

April 26th Fly to Barcelona 4 nights (day trip to Girona)

April 30th Granada 3 nights
Granada by train I was told in the long run is faster than flying.

May 3rd Seville 3 nights

May 6th Madrid 3 nights (day trip to Toledo)

May 7th return to USA

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All good destinations. I note the omission of Cordoba and the fact that you'll have just two full days for Barcelona's sights since you're going to take a side-trip to Girona (which is very worthwhile). Depending on how many of Barcelona's most popular sights you want to go inside, you may find it very difficult to schedule things (most tickets being timed). I normally recommend at least four days in Barcelona itself. In addition, two full days in Seville is one day short of what I'd want.

Not only is there more to see in Galicia than just Santiago de Compostela, but there are a lot of interesting places between Galicia and the Basque Country. I'd consider postponing Santiago de Compostela till a later trip in order to reduce the travel time this year and provide a few extra days in Barcelona, Seville and perhaps Madrid (for a side-trip to Segovia). Actually, there are some additional places you'd probably enjoy in the Basque Country as well.