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Spain Dec Itinerary Help!!

25th dec fly out
26th arrive Madrid- train to either Seville or Barcelona
26th-29th Sevilla with possible day trip to Cordoba
30th train to Barcelona
30th to 2nd in Barcelona
Jan 3rd train to Madrid
3rd to 6th Madrid ( fly out on the 6th)

Questions 1. Which city is better for NYE (Seville or Barcelona)?
2. Best neighborhoods for booking hotels/ air bnb?
3. For possible day trips to Cordoba/ Toledo should we bus or train?
4 adults active and more interested in entertainment/ food/ culture not so many museums. We speak Spanish but I’ve only been to Spain as a teenager. Parents and sister have never been to Spain.
Any help/ suggestions appreciated!!! Thanks in advance

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Hello! Some answers to your questions

  1. I've only had NYE experience in Barcelona and Madrid, but I'm sure Sevilla will be just as fantastic as both, maybe a bit warmer too lol! No wrong answers here

  2. In Barcelona, I would recommend Gracia, very welcoming family friendly area, yet hip and trendy.

  3. From Sevilla it's possible to day trip to Cordoba on the AVE train, and Toledo via bus/train from Madrid, IMO Cordoba merits a night or two at least.

  4. This may come as a surprise but in Barcelona we have a number of traditional Christmas markets. Make sure to check out la Fira de Santa Llucia, right in front of the main cathedral, it's the oldest one from the 1700s.

  5. Also on the night of Jan 5th many cities (including Madrid) have a big parade of the Three Kings (Los Reyes Magos) which is the traditional holiday celebrated in Spain on the morning of the 6th.

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is cost a factor in your itinerary? If you fly into Madrid, consider if you want to risk buying highly discounted tickets in advance and losing them because of delays. If you stay in Madrid or Toledo on your first night, you avoid the risk.