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Spain - Andalucia Itinerary

We will be staying 7 nights in Spain - Andalucia in early October. i am asking for input on the itinerary I have put together. I have been to Madrid and Seville. I realize this itinerary only allows 2 days in Seville. And that is because i I have been there. I did love it and the two days are more for my travel companions to experience it. I wasn't able to make it to Granada / Cordoba / White hill towns on my last trip and am very much looking forward to seeing these places. Any input is appreciated. Thank you!

Day 1 - Travel day from California to Madrid
Day 2 - Arrive Madrid 2pm - Sleep Madrid
Day 3 - Early train to Sevilla / Sight see Sevilla - Sleep Sevilla
Day 4 - Sight see Sevilla - Sleep Sevilla
Day 5 - All day bus tour to White Hill towns - Sleep Sevilla
Day 6 - Day trip (train) to Cordova - Sleep Cordova or back to Sevilla?
Day 7 - Early train to Granada/Alhambra - Sleep Granada
Day 8 - Sight see Granada - Train to Malaga - Sleep Malaga
Day 9 - 7am flight out of Malaga to California

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You will pass right through Cordoba on the way from Madrid to Seville. Some of the trains from Seville to Granada go through Cordoba. So you definitely should be able to avoid making a separate trip to Cordoba. There's no need to travel along the stretch of rail line between Cordoba and Seville 3 (or even 4) times.

Rather than spending the first night in Madrid, I'd seriously consider buying a train ticket from Madrid to Cordoba after you land in Spain. You can do that at the airport train station. You won't be able to get a bargain, early-purchase fare because of uncertainty about exactly when you'll get to Madrid and clear Immigration, but I think it's worth it to pay full price in this situation since it gets you 2 nights in Cordoba (your Day 2 and Day 3) and allows you to arrive in Seville quite early on Day 4, already having seen Cordoba. Spending a couple of nights there is a lot better than treating Cordoba as a day trip.

The one uncertainty here is the availability of same-day tickets from Madrid to Cordoba. Those trains definitely sell out on occasion. What's your travel date? Perhaps one of our residents of Spain or frequent travelers to Spain will have an opinion about that risk is they know your precise travel date.