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Southern spain itinerary

Planning a trip next year, Malaga 4 nights, Ronda 2 nights, Seville 4 nights, cordoba 2 nights, Madrid 2 nights. No car, trains and buses. Some day trips from Malaga and Seville. Is this doable? Thanks

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Yes it is, but investigate the Ronda links first. It doesn't have express trains, and it might be more practical to travel in one direction by bus.

You didn't mention Granada. The Alhambra is one of the world's top sights.

Four nights in Seville won't provide a lot of slack for day trips.

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Two questions first ….
What time of year ?
What are your plans for arrival & departure flights ?

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October 2023, no flights yet just trying to schedule itinerary. Probably fly in and out of Madrid. Wondering if my plan is too much time traveling. Usually when we travel we do 2 weeks and try to stay in 3 places with day trips from each location.

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You could possibly condense it some, but it depends on what you wanted to see/do in each place. We see a lot of overly rushed itineraries, but this one did not make me wince at all!

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Ditch your previous model, pack light, and move around a bit. Granada is a must !!

Arrive Madrid 1 night
Train to Cordoba 2 nights
Train to Malaga 3 nights
Train to Granada 2 nights
Train to Ronda 1 night
Bus to Seville 4 nights
Train to Madrid 1 night

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spywagon1, welcome to this newsboard with your first post. Home country, month of travel, budget level, size of party?

We rented a car, but I would suggest that you reduce the number of cities based on the overhead of public transportation. Busses especially require specific research. You might get a little data from the Search box top center. Ronda is especially remote from a bus point of view, but I wouldn't drop Ronda. How did you make up your list? The omission of Granda suggests that the list-making wasn't a sound process. Places like Ronda and Granada have a limited number of low-budget lodgings. Are you traveling at peak season next year?

I'm not sure what is important about Malaga, except British (!) tourism. I was only at the airport, but it is a bit of an international hub for that reason. Madrid is worth more than two separate rushed nights in transit from international travel. (Opinion.) Some people, especially if they can do a two-segment flight (like with Lufthansa or the Spanish airline) manage to fly out of Granada.

This newsboard is very big on Barcelona, which also might have more flights of use to you. Just an idea.

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We have been to Madrid, it would be just a stopping point before flying home. I thought we could do a day trip tour from Malaga to Granada, sounds like I should rethink that one, actually thought Malaga might be a good base to do day trips. Glad I am starting to plan early.

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I really should ask about your thoughts and plans for Malaga. I’ve not been ever …. cancelled a visit due to a garbage strike … so don’t have first hand experience.

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Málaga is not a great place for day trips. Granada is still a bit far, and the coast on either side of Málaga just isn't that great in my opinion. I would either remove Málaga altogether and add 1 night to Seville+ 3 to Granada, or shrink Málaga enough to spend 2 nights in Granada.

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I’d concur with those thoughts re Malaga. Unless you are wedded to it, or indeed planning a wedding there.

This would minimise movement, but would involve a train to Cordoba on your day of arrival ….

Arrive Madrid

Train 1hr45min to Cordoba 2 nights
Train 1hr30min to Granada 3 nights
…. w possible day trip to Alpujarras
Train 3hr to Ronda 2 nights
(w change at Antequera)

Bus 2hr20min to Seville 5 nights
…. w day trip to Jerez and/or Cadiz

Train 2hr30min to Madrid 2 nights

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Haha, no weddings in Malaga. It looked like a central location. I like the last suggestion, seems to fit what we wanted. Thank you everyone

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I like David's plan except . . . Ronda doesn't have any major sights. The bull ring and its museum are good, there are several small quirky museums and of course the bridge/gorge. The views are very nice late in the afternoon. One full day is all you need. Plan to arrive late and leave early.

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Thanks, I have added Granada and deleted Malaga thanks to all suggestions. Glad I posted

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I am happy to hear you are staying in Granada. We loved Granada, and the Alhambra is amazing!!! One of the most beautiful places i have ever visited.

I am in the minority here because we also really enjoyed Malaga. I don't think 4 nights is necessary but we stayed 2 nights and loved it. The city center is lovely, and there is a lot to do and see, and you also have the coastal ambience for something different. Don't make your decision based on Rick Steves guidebook. He treats Malaga like it's only a transportation hub but it is so much more than that. We didn't go to the white towns; instead we chose Malaga and were not disappointed in our decision. I think there is more to do and see in Malaga than in the white towns. Just my opinion.

So a possible itinerary could be:
Malaga - 2 nights
Granada - 2 nights
Seville - 4 nights
Cordoba - 2 nights
Madrid - 2 nights

Or, since you have visited Madrid already, perhaps Madrid for one night and Ronda for one night?

I used the Michelin Green Guide and The Lonely Planet for planning.