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Smartphone Rental Recommendation

I'm planning an extended trip this spring in France, Spain and the UK for about a month. I'm looking for a cost efficient smartphone rental recommendation.

I'm planning to use the phone primarily for hotel reservations, some mapping, and minimal web surfing etc. So not heavy usage and will try to rely on Wifi where available but need a low cost phone and plan (Android or IPhone) for about 3-4 weeks.

Any good recommendations would be very appreciated!


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I purchased an Orange Phone last fall for use in Spain only. It came with free minutes which were more than enough and in effect lowered the price to less than a rental. Check and see if you can get one for the countries you plan to visit.

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Do you already have a smartphone, and, if so, which model, and with which carrier? Depending on the model and carrier, you may be able to get your phone unlocked, and then all you would need is to get a local SIM card for each country; this would give you local prices, which are low.

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Thanks for the helpful replies!

Unfortunately, I don't currently have an unlocked phone, but I'm looking into possibly getting one. Are there any recommendations on what site/service to go to if I need to rent a Smartphone AND the SIM?

If I can get an unlocked phone - would you recommend getting a SIM ahead of time through one of the online services or just buying locally when you're there (and where do you generally do that?)?

Again - I'm planning on traveling in France, Spain primarily.

Thanks again for all of the help !

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Another option would be to buy a cheap unlocked GSM cell phone on ebay or somewhere else. That way you can plug in any sim card you want. You can either get a sim card in every country you go through or you can get a GSM sim card before you go so you only have one for the whole trip. Depending on what type of phone you get, you may want to have another device for your web surfing, email, etc.

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