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Skip Zaragosa?

We are flying into Madrid next month and then traveling around Spain for two weeks. We arrive at 8:00 am into Madrid and are debating whether or not to rent a car and drive to Monsterrat to stay the night. Our other options are: 1) drive to Zaragosa and spend the night and then the next day go to Monsterrat followed by staying in Barcelona or 2) drive to Barcelona and do a day trip to Montserrat later in the week. Is Zaragosa worth a stop or just power through to Montserrat or Barcelona?

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I would book a connecting flight to Barcelona and arrange to pick up my car rental there. I imagine you are heading south again after Barcelona. Zaragoza is a great place to stop however, with the wonderful Basilica del Pilar and its domes of coloured tiles. Montserrat for me would depend on how much time you allotted to Barcelona. If you are particularly strong of Catholic faith, or fond of jagged rocky mountains, then definitely go.

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I loved Zaragosa but the part I loved most was the Easter Week processions. Outside of that, Zaragosa has a nice center with some Roman remains (ruins might be overstating them). I could see it as a good place to stop for a look around and lunch on the way to Barcelona from Madrid.

I'm not sure about lodging on Montserrat. We drove the other way - from Barcelona, stop in Montserrat, spent night in Zaragosa. Montserrat has some interesting hikes and the monastery is worth visiting. The weather was rainy when we were there so we saw the monastery and skipped the hikes (my main reason for visiting).