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single seat in 1st class in AVE

Hello Friends,
Can you tell me how to choose and reserve if possible the single seat when making the booking for the AVE train in preferente class please. Thanks. I would so much prefer the single seat. Appreciate your guidance please

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Others with experience can maybe answer, but it looks to be as simple as reserving a seat designated "A", as opposed to B or C

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I've done this, and know it was available as part of the buying process.

Here's what Seat61 says:
Sin determinacion, seleccion de asiento, pasilio or ventana? Pasilio & ventana simply mean 'aisle' or 'window' seat. Sin determinacion means without specifying. If you see seleccion de asiento pick this and you'll be allowed to choose your exact seat from a seat plan after the payment stage (recommended!). You only see this option if you have chosen a Promo+ or higher fare type, but not if you have chosen a cheap Promo fare as seat choice isn't allowed with a Promo fare.

From this page:

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Marvelous .Thank you so much ! I was on seat61. I will review again very carefully as I missed that. This is exactly the info I needed. I am going to purchase the seats right now. Thanks again LizinPA !!!