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Sightseeing and Beach Trip?

Looking to travel for 10 days and visit Spain to do some sightseeing, but husband wants part of our trip to be on a beach relaxing. We will be traveling for 10 days.

Can someone recommend a beautiful beach and time of year to visit? Hotel on the water?

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Maybe depends where else you are planning on being. If Barcelona, there are several smaller towns with beaches not far away. If Madrid and other areas, then maybe the Costa Del Sol, basically I would avoid travelling far out of my way to get to a beach town, use what is close.

As for time of year, August will be extremely crowded at the beach and hotter than the balzes in Madrid, July not much better, June about the same.

May would be nice, water maybe still cold, September in general is a great time to travel.

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See Rick's article here for a brief intro to some of the coastal towns near Barcelona. I have also had very nice weather and swimming in October in Spain and in other parts or the Mediterranean. Tossa is another beach town near Barcelona that some staff and readers have enjoyed, but not covered in the book and not served by train.