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Should I cancel my flight or wait for Iberia to cancel?

Several months ago, I booked a non-stop round-trip flight (LAX to/from MAD) for early October, 2020. Today, I received an email from Iberia asking me if I am still planning to utilize this reservation. If "yes", they want me to let them know by clicking the "Si, voy a volar" button. If "no" and if I want a voucher to re-book travel before 31 December 2021, they want me to let them know by clicking the "Obtenar bono" button - BUT they say I only have until 17 July to make my decision. What I prefer to do is to get a full refund and re-book on my own terms.

On the Iberia booking site, all direct flights between LAX and MAD (between now and beyond my October travel dates) are no longer listed, and I suspect they are (or will be) cancelled.

I think Iberia knows that my flight will likely be cancelled, and they are trying to get me to seek a voucher before their 17 July "deadline".

Here are my questions:
1) If Iberia cancels my October flights, will they be required to offer me a refund?
2) Is 17 July a false deadline intended to push me to request a voucher instead of holding out for a refund?
3) If I really just want a refund, how should I play this out?

Thanks so much for your advice.

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I was in a similar situation with Lufthansa. I knew that my September flights weren't likely to go and, even if they went, I probably couldn't fly them since I'm American. I waited until Lufthansa cancelled one of my flight legs. I didn't want a refund but I did want a new ticket in the same travel class that I booked - and I didn't want to have to pay a fare difference. (In this case, I got a great deal on a business class ticket. To re-buy this ticket for the new travel dates I chose would cost me 2K per ticket)

According to the Lufthansa site, if I opted to reschedule due to COVID-19 or simply due to the fact that I am American and likely can't travel, I would get $2900 worth of credit - the price of the original ticket. But I wanted a new business class ticket without laying out any additional money. And for that, I needed to wait until Lufthansa cancelled at least one leg of my flights.

I won't speak to your refund rights as I didn't research that before I proceeded since I didn't want one. The key thing though is to wait until the airline cancels.

I get a lot of good info on this kind of stuff on FlyerTalk, if you've never been there.

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We waited months for Iceland Air canceled all our flights so we could apply for full refunds.

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I can't speak to Iberia flights but I will tell you how we dealt with a potential cancellation. We were booked to fly to Sicily on Delta/KLM in September. We were resigned not to travel. We chose to wait for Delta to cancel our flight. On September 10 a portion of our flight was cancelled. We went ahead and cancelled all legs of our flights. We received a full refund 8 days following the cancellation.

This is the first I've heard of an airline stipulate a deadline like this. Perhaps others have had this experience? Best wishes in your decision.

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I canceled a Delta flight to Europe and was offered a voucher but not $. When asked for $ I was told that since I had canceled I was only entitled to a voucher for future travel. Knowing what I know now I should have waited for Delta to cancel the flight and then asked for my $ back. I have no need for a voucher anytime in the next year anyway.

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Real simple (probably 2 dozen threads on the topic).
For international flights out of and into the United States the rule is: Airline cancels the flight (any part thereof) and you get a refund (if you want cash over a voucher). You cancel and you can get nothing up to a voucher. Most airlines are granting vouchers or allowing you to reschedule if you cancel during this pandemic.

Want a cash refund- you have to wait and see if they cancel your flight then you contact them, by phone, and stay firm on cash refund.

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In addition to requesting a refund if one or both segments of your flights is cancelled, you could also request a refund if your flight is changed from the original. For example if a stopover was added to either segment, or they lengthened the layover, or changed the schedule. Then you can tell them the changes are unacceptable and you want a refund.

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they lengthened the layover, or changed the schedule

Those first 2 are US federal regulations, but this one is dependent upon airline policy. Delta is changes over 90 min, but I think for most airlines it is 2 hours.

The answer is to not cancel, however they are arbitrarily putting you in duress by stating a July deadline so any cancellation you make may not be legally binding, but you would have to go to court to get that determination.

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If it helps, Delta has extended the expiration date for most vouchers to 9/30/2022.

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I got the same email from Iberia but have to respond bu 7/10.

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I waited for Air France to cancel my flights in July of this year. Last month it was cancelled and we got a voucher to be used within a year, but if we don't use it, we get a FULL REFUND.
Check, Iberia for those details.

We didn't get the deadline that you got. Try calling them to get details.

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I am (Orbitz) Swiss Air Boston to Zurich to Ibiza 3rd week in Sept for a week then back. Wonder what they'll do?

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I had a situation with Iberia. It's detailed on another thread. Our flight from BOS to MAD was scheduled for 6/22. In April (I think) we got an email asking us if we would like a voucher, in case we did not wish to fly. We waited.

Eventually, we got an email that the flight was cancelled and we could request a voucher online for future travel.

We called and got an agent who agreed to refund our fares, but he told us it would take up to 5 months for the refund to issue. We agreed. The money was refunded with a couple weeks (if I remember correctly).

Good luck,

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So all comes to those who wait... :)

Swiss Air cancelled my flight to Ibiza - Orbitz called me to let me know, and a very nice person helped me get a refund (only since Swiss Air was willing to refund)(and only because THEY had cancelled). I am still on infinite hold with Orbitz trying to cancel my hotel(which allows cancelling). EDIT was using wrong number, use 312-279-7777 - (Orbitz) quick. got hotel refund.

On another note, I cancelled my Zurich night return layover hotel with about 3 clicks and will get a refund for that( There's a lesson here somewhere... :)

Tin Leg is working on canceling my trip insurance and giving me credit good for a year. This is fine.

I will definitely do things differently next time I book! Probably book air thru airlines. and hotels thru ...

EDIT: all 3 refunds were posted to my account on Aug 12. 3 days. very fast. I do have $250 credit with Tin Leg for insurance for future trips good for 1 yr.(although trip itself can be any time in future.)

EDIT2: Tin Leg just extended that credit to 2 years. :)

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UPDATE & Final Resolution regarding my October flights:
I did not take Iberia's bait. Iberia cancelled my flight on August 4. In the cancellation notification email, Iberia offered me a free re-booking of another itinerary or a voucher in the full amount of my cancelled reservation (approx $3,000 for my spouse and myself flying Premium Economy). Each of these options was presented with a large red button that I could select by clicking on it within the email. However, when I scrolled to the VERY bottom of the email, I noticed (in fine print) that Iberia would allow me to request a full refund - BUT I had to call their customer service phone number and request the refund. On August 6 I called Iberia, and (after more than one hour on hold) I was able to speak to a representative and request a full refund. On August 21, I received the full refund to the credit card I used in the original purchase.

"Always read the fine print" and "Don't take the bait" - Truly good advice.

Although I will definitely be booking a trip back to Spain just as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted, I'm very glad to have my money back in my pocket rather than a voucher (with a 2021 expiration date).

Keep on Travelling