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shipping luggage home from Barcelona

I am picking my friend up in Barcelona and then backpacking around and flying out of a different city. We want to ship his suitcase home (USA) so we dont have to lug it around. Any ideas on how to get a box and ship?

Thank you.

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You might check at the airport...they have the machines that wrap the luggage in plastic for security when placing in the baggage hold..that might work for shipping as well.

Or you might just use a cheap piece of luggage, old clothing, and dump them all...will be cheaper in the longrun I imagine.

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Shipping an entire suitcase home will be expensive. The cheapest will likely be the post office and that will take a long time to arrive (think months). Whether it will fit into a box they sell is another question. I doubt they would actually ship a suitcase itself. A lot here will depend on it's size and whether it is soft or hard (ie can it be emptied and crushed down into the box).

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Also check UPS rates and see if they convince him to leave some things behind.

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Here's a thought, why is he taking so much luggage? Get him to pare down the amount. I did not ship out of Spain because it is extremely expensive and they have a lot of custom regulations. I ended up shipping the package (which weighed 4.5 kg) from Thailand! I went to the office that handles Spain post as well as DHL and the price was ridiculous!

I have been traveling for 4 months and have 2 more to go and all I have is one small bag that weighs around 30 lbs. I still haven't worn everything I brought! I see lots of backpackers traveling with just one backpack. You can do it!

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Fun with sticker shock!

Ship To:
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Shipment Date:
Monday, July 21, 2014
Customs Value:
100 USD
Duty Type:
09 - Low value

My Packaging
24 x 15 x 10 in.
Package Weight:
20 lbs.
Number of Packages:
Declared Value:
100 USD

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UPS Expedited
Latest Pickup Time:
7:00 P.M. Monday
July 21, 2014
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By End of Day Tuesday
July 29, 2014

500.13 USD *
Billable Weight:
26.0 lbs.

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