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Seville to Gibraltar day trip - Sensible

Hello Travel Experts,
Can we do a day trip from Seville to Gibraltar?
My husband and I are taking Rick Steves Best of Andalucia ending on Tuesday April 16 in Seville. Currently we are leaving Seville on Wednesday, April 17 for Barcelona by train. A friend just recommended that we see Gibraltar. We cannot drive there. The bus takes nearly 4 hours. There is a bus leaving Seville at 8:00 am/arriving 11:40. I think we have to take a ferry next.

We would then return to Seville on an evening bus arriving around 9:45 pm. Does this make sense? We don't mind the evening travel or the short stay. We wouldn't want to miss the opportunity, but don't want to miss our April 18th tour of La Familia Sagrada in Barcelona. I checked Naturanda Tours, but they only run Mon/Wed/Fri.
Thanks for your advice.

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You certainly don't take a ferry over to Gibraltar. The bus should be dropping you at La Linea de la Concepcion, on the Spanish side of the border. From there you walk over the border- 20 minutes or so to the bus station for buses all over Gibraltar.

You will thus have less than 5 hours there. If it's worth it to you then I'm not going to say otherwise. I think Gib is worthwhile, although many others on the forum disagree. Just feels like a very long day for a short stay.

In that time you can't, in my opinion, explore the whole of Gibraltar- it is a taster.

There are possibly more profitable things you could do in Seville with that day.

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Travel is about making trade-offs, because there's never enough time to see all the worthwhile things in a given area. When your final breakfast ends in Seville, you will have spent less than two full days in that city. There's no way I'd trade a few hours in Gibraltar for a full day in Seville.

I wouldn't exactly say the trip to Gibraltar is not sensible, but I'd not recommend that choice.

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Another vote for staying in the Sevilla. If I was going to take a day trip from Sevilla it would be to a place closer than Gibraltar, like Carmona or Zafra.

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On Youtube, there are a number of videos by bloggers showing their "Day in Gibraltar" Watch a few and see if what is there appeals to you or not.

You can search on this site as well, there was a recent thread about the "worth" of going to Gibraltar. Myself, I have not been, but will be going right by there in April, and after a good amount of reading and watching, I am about 60/40 right now, with the 60 being maybe we will skip it.

If I were in Seville, with a tight overall schedule, looking at 4 hours, or more, each way, on a bus? I would skip it. But you need to figure out how important it is to you.

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Thank you all for your really helpful responses. We will weigh the tradeoffs. Based on your pros and cons, the decision seems weighted in favor of not going to Gibraltar. I was intrigued by my friend's recommendation and didn't have a specific reason to stay in Seville, though we have booked an extra night after our RS tour. I'll do more research on the Seville area before we decide.

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To all who offered such good advice, thank you.
We are back from our trip to Andalusia and it was wonderful. Spending our extra day in Sevilla was our decision and it turned out to be a good one. We had no idea it would be Feria while we were there. So we had a totally unexpected experience. It was festive (if crowded) and a treat to see all the Sevillanos dressed in amazing costumes and so happy. We are glad we stayed in town and will save Morocco for another time.

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We drove from Ronda for a day in Gibraltar, and it wasn't worth it. I suggest that if you insist on another excursion, spend part of the day in Carmona, or in Italica, if you can get there by bus. Otherwise there's plenty to see in Seville.

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Cathy - thanks so much for coming back with an update! So happy you stayed in Seville and had such a unique and unexpected experience.