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Seville to Cadiz train availability

I'm planning a day trip from Seville to Cadiz to meet a friend, likely on a Friday in early October. Rick advises that the trains returning to Seville tend to sell out. But, I need to be a bit of a free spirit that part of my trip. Am I likely to be ok if I buy the ticket the day of or before or do I need to do it sooner? Is the bus back to Seville an ok alternative? I'll be a solo female traveler, so if it is safe and reasonably efficient that's ok. Budget isn't a primary concern (I'll pay if it makes sense), nor is luxury (I just need to get back to Seville without too much hassle). I'd rather spend my money on experiences vs. transportation within reason. Thanks for your advice.

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Well, it's Wednesday morning in Seville, and the Renfe site shows availability for Friday (day after tomorrow) for all 4 evening trains from Cadiz - 17.40, 18.40, 19.40 and 20.40. It also shows availability for today and tomorrow at all those times. Based on that, I'd say you're fine waiting until a day or two in advance.

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Can you tell me why Steve Ricks thinks these trains sell out? I doubt they will.
If there is no reason, his crystal ball will surely work as well as mine and that is not at all. You have four returns from early evening onward. Purchase a day or two beforehand if you want peace of mind but you will have to be specific about your return journey.
The bus company schedule is here -

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Consider a bus, it's not that far so a train won't save much time and will cost a lot more. There's rarely an issue with waiting until the last minute to catch a bus.