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Seville parking and solutions

We will be arriving in Seville on Feb. 22 and staying for about 4 days. We're flying into Malaga and picking up a car so that we can take our time and tour the White Villages and the surrounding areas. From what I am seeing parking is a real issue in Seville and it is expensive (avg 20 euro day parking garage) to park. Has anyone had experience with this and recommendations? Is there someplace close to Seville that would be charming to stay in, with parking and easy transportation into Seville? Thanks!

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We stayed at hotel Amadeus and just parked in the underground parking garage just down the street (Parkade) and paid whatever the rate was. €20 isn’t terrible compared to some cities and the parking issue isn’t unique to Seville.

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On our visit 18 years ago, we were staying in a Rick Steves-recommended place, conveniently located in the center of attractions, but not in a drivewbke place. After being buzzed by young people on motorbikes, we pulled over as close to our lodging as possible, called a taxi, and followed it to an outdoors parking lot. I think it was about €20 a day, back in 2002! And in 2013, San Sebastián, up on the north coast, was about €20 in the town’s underground parking garage, so it’s not just Seville.

The place, was relatively inexpensive for its central location, but Rick described it as “sometimes could be cleaner.” This was one of those times. Dirty floor, in need of seeping, and other grimy aspects. We noticed it was no longer recommended in Rick’s next edition. We needed the car for the remainder of our trip, so turning it on wasn’t a viable option, and it was just another price of traveling. Having a place just outside of town might be an option, but then you have to get yourself into downtown Seville, then back to your room. Sometimes there’s an added price for convenience, so parking your car, at whatever price, might be your easiest situation.

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You won't need the car in Malaga (if you're sightseeing there at all) or in Seville; can you manage not to have it while you're doing your Seville sightseeing? That will presumably be more than one day; there's a lot to see there.

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There is (or was last year), a free car park at Blas Infante which is next to a Metro station you can use to get closer to the city centre. I don't think its supervised so don't leave anything valuable in the car.

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2 years ago we stayed at the Hotel Derby, and there was a public parking garage just across the street. Although it may be a bit more expensive, the value to being right at the end of the pedestrian mall was very well worth it. Being able to go out on a whim without any concern of logistics makes the City come alive, especially at night.

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Friends did exactly what Nick suggests. They parked the car and took public transportation into the historic center where they stayed for several days before returning to the car and continuing their journey. They were touring Portugal and decided to check out Sevilla so they had to keep the car.

What is your complete itinerary that necessitates paying the rental for 3-4 days while the car is parked? On the 2 visits that I rented a car for the pueblos blancos, I did a one-way rental, just for those days. Unless you are going to need the car for a long period after Sevilla, return the car when you get to the city.