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Seville in December

My husband are considering a few days in Seville in mid-December. What should we expect in terms of weather and pre-Christmas celebrations? Are there cool day trips we should look into beyond Cordoba?

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If I want to know what the weather's likely to be, I go to this timeanddate website to look at daily data for the last 10 years. I just looked at Sevilla for last December - partly to mostly sunny, a couple of showers, temps in the 50s.

For special holiday events, start at this website and follow the links. Arcos is doable - take the train to Jerez and then the bus to Arcos (there are direct buses from Sevilla to Arcos, but only once or twice a day). Easier are day trips by train to Jerez and Cadiz. In Jerez you can see a horse show at the Royal Equestrian School (make sure of the date in advance, shows are only 2-3 times a week). You can take sherry bodega tours with tastings, and a cathedral. Cadiz is on the Atlantic, with a pretty beach and interesting sights (only go if it's sunny). If you like Roman ruins, you may want to go to Italica by bus. I thought it was too much of a schlep for what I saw, but I'm jaded by all the ruins here at home and in Italy. Other people here have recommended it.

If you have enough time and are willing to add a hotel change, Cordoba is much better as an overnight (or 2) and there are enough sights to fill 2 days.

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Thanks for the advice.

Anyone have thoughts on flying into Madrid and taking the train to Seville versus just flying directly into Seville? I see that pretty much all of my options land in Madrid first.

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Booking a flight straight to Seville (connecting in Madrid) has the advantage of hedging you against plane delays (avoids risk of missing train) and saves you the relative hassle of going from the airport to Atocha Station in Madrid - relative, because it's a direct suburban train, but still.

Can't really think of drawbacks if the price is right, but Madrid airport is one of the most spread out I know, walks of 20-30 minutes between gates can happen without even changing terminals.

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I flew to Granada via Madrid and had no issues with the Madrid airport. I would prefer to just fly to Seville rather than have to get myself to a train station I don't know while jet lagged.
'Cool day trips', well you don't mention your interests at all. If you think ancient Roman ruins are 'cool'. Italica can be done by local bus or on a tour. It isn't very far from Seville. Some go to Jerez or Cadiz for the day.
If you have the time you could consider an overnight or two in Cordoba. There is enough to see for more than a day trip. It also has ancient Roman ruins nearby.
I was in Canary Islands over Christmas and there seem to be tableaux (large Nativity scenes) that are set up in Spanish towns. I think Seville is actually popular for hand made figurines. Research 'cagon' which are a new figure addition to the long time characters.
They also have markets. I don't know whether this article is current for 2019, but it gives you something to start from

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You've seen what the likely weather will be, right? I ask because a significant part of the pleasure of being in Seville is being able to comfortably walk outside.

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Sorry for not giving more details in my initial posting about our interests or goals for the trip.
First of all the basics, we are looking at Seville because my husband has both hotel points and airline mileage we can use -- and vacation time he has to use or lose by the end of the year. Due to his job, December is the best time for him to travel and Seville was the least expensive of the options we explored in Europe. My husband is fairly fluent in Spanish and our daughter studied in Spain a few years ago and loved her two visits to Seville. Because it is December and a busy time for me, we will only have about one week total for the trip. (Current thought is flying out Sunday to arrive Monday and then leave on Saturday.)

In 2015 we spent a couple weeks in Germany during an October cold spell -- which included bitterly cold days, but we worked to make the best of the weather -- even visiting a Baltic Coast beach town on a very rainy day. We spent a couple of days in Stralsund just hanging out, wandering the city center, and taking it easy. We are more about exploring one place than trying to hit all the highlights of a country on one trip.

I'm interested in any Advent/Christmas activities that might be happening during our time there. I like the beach (grew up on the CA coast) but my husband could care less. He is much more of a foodie than I am. We both enjoy history and tend to spend twice Rick Steve's suggested time in any museum he might recommend. This is why I mentioned Cordoba in the first post. We live near Sacramento, so temps in the 50s would be just like home for us -- actually the current hot, dry Seville weather is just like ours too.

Anyway, I hope some of those details help. Thanks for all the ideas so far.

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When I lived south of Sevilla years ago, I don’t recall it being cold over Christmas, but it was cool in December. Don’t expect many pre-Christmas celebrations since in Spain it’s 3 Kings Day (January 6) that is celebrated more. Maybe there is an advent service you could attend at the cathedral or another church. If you are going to Sevilla and can get a good flight, there’s no reason to go into Madrid just to take a train.
From a website ( I found:
Christmas (Navidad) Season 2019-2020
The Christmas holiday in Seville is when all the city’s lights are switched on. Illumination is really impressive, especially in the main tourist area, along the Avenida de la Constitución. Also, you can always run into some shows or little festivals right on the street. Christmas carols or some holiday dancing are everywhere. The festive season usually runs from early December until the Three Kings' Day (January 6). nother Seville speciality is the outdoor Christmas markets. Here you can find literally everything—a great gift for yourself and your loved ones. There is also a lot of great fun for children, such as swings, gifts and camel rides.

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@AshleyMIA thanks for the offer!

Yes, still looking for Seville in December ideas. We've booked a flight so specifically we'll arrive late afternoon on Dec 9 and fly out on December 14. Like I've said it's a quick trip.

We plan on a day trip to Cordoba -- which I know is quick, but we'll work with what time we have. The rest of the time we just want to get to know Seville.

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On December there are a lot of things to do and see in Seville
You have to see the ilumination on the streets, the Christmas markets on Prado de San Sebastián, and Cathedral, for example.
Real Alcazar, and on that neightborhood you can find a lot of bars specialized on tapas.
Don't forget to see flamenco too! I can recommend you for example
Thank you!