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Seville etc. on crutches

Yes, I'm a bit crazy, plus I am a senior lady and my crutches are fushia colored. I was in Grenada many years ago and have always wanted to return. So the bare bones of my trip are that I fly non stop to Seville and have booked an inexpensive place from mid May to early June. I have also booked a place midway in my trip to Grenada for 3 days and also Cadiz for two. I undoubtably should have read this forum as I paid a lot more than I should have for my plane fare. But aside from all that I am of course worried about getting around Seville et all on crutches, although I am a fluent Spanish speaker and have no desire to drive there...any thoughts, suggestions...

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If you're looking for a confidence boost...

This area, while a bit of a challenge, seems much easier for ambulating about on crutches than say, Amsterdam, for instance.

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Seville is relatively flat. I'd rather try that on crutches than the Albaicin in Granada. The Alhambra isn't horrible once your up there (some stairs though), take a taxi up the hill to get there and back. You may want to shop lodging based on availability of elevators. Cadiz is pretty flat also but expect a lot of stairs in and out of buildings.

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Thanks Brad. I've worked out all my lodging ahead of time, so that's not a concern. I'm thinking of only doing the gardens at the Alhambra. I did find the place on Rick Stevens site for 'handicapped', and have read that I picked the flattest city in Europe, Seville, as my I'm getting stoked full of confidence!

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Do ALL of the Alhambra! I'm older, not exactly on crutches, but IMHO it's the best site in Europe. I don't usually post on Spain, but the Alhambra -- all of it is amazing, and I woulldn't miss it! Make sure you've got a reservation, and arrive on time, as they are strict on the times. I would not use a guide, but enjoy at your leisure, as there are places to sit and rest if you don't have a "guide" rushing you through. Rick's old books are the best guides.