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Sevilla to Lagos, Portugal in mid-March

Is there a way to get from Sevilla, Spain to Lagos, Portugal in mid-March? I've tried the website, but it sent me to, which sent me to, which is a black hole ... no response on the routes/times button or the buy button.

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This may be a bit late for your trip, but you can see routes and times at There seems to be no train service between those cities. Damas is the bus company that runs between the two cities. The Movelia website includes the Damas bus line and is in English also. We are planning on the exact same trip, but in mid-April. The problem we are encountering is when we try to buy the tickets it tells us our credit card was rejected. The reason is not clear - we have contacted our credit card company and it says it never received the request, so it must be internal in the Movelia site. I did contact Movelia and it replied in Spanish that we need a 'firma digitale' that the bank should supply. Appreciate if anyone has experience with this.


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As I have advised above with providing the link, there is no direct train journey.

Presuming you are attempting to use a VISA or a Mastercard you should sign up for Verified by VISA or Mastercard Securecode. This is the only other hindrance to such a transaction I am aware of and what I believe is intended with 'firma digitale'.

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Please advise how you got on, BUT, and I realise you might want peace of mind, I would not worry at an online purchase for a bus journey and have never purchased in such a way in Spain. Purchase at some time when in Seville.