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Sevilla for Semana Santa 2015

Our plans to go to Spain in October 2014 have changed and we have postponed it to the spring of 2015.

We are thinking of being there for Semana Santa, perhaps in Sevilla. Are we crazy? Is there somewhere else we should consider? In any case, how far ahead should we make reservations? Palm Sunday will be 3/29 and Easter will be 4/5 in 2015.

I already read in RS's Spain that lodging will be much more expensive and that we should book early, but I'm trying to get an idea of exactly how early. There will be 2 couples.

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'Are we crazy?' - If you want to see some of the processions, why should you be?
'Is there somewhere else we should consider?' - ? - The rest of the Spains. Or do you mean for seeing Semana Santa processions?
'how far ahead should we make reservations?' - in Seville. Will depend on whether you have your eye on a premises in particular and do not want to find it booked up. I suggest you book, when you have finality to the travel dates, if this is something to do with comfort level.

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I have been advised in the past by Spainards that Semana Santa in Sevilla is very very crowded, but at the same time very impressive. I have been there the week after and was able to see many of the floats that are carried though the city, and also in Salamanca. I have also been advised that the week in Zamora is very interesting, beautiful, and not as crowded as that in Sevilla. I have visited Zamora and Sevila. I would consider going to Zamora for the same festive occasion.

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The week we spent in Seville was the week before Semana Santa. The only problem I see the whole city is full of temporary grandstands that block lots of the historical buildings.

Walking around the old center gets narrowed down to small spaces and hard to get around with all the seating.

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Thanks for the responses so far.

I did check on lodging for this year even though we are going next year, just to see how it was filling up. There were many options still available when I checked, but there were more that were already filled up. I appreciate any other alternative location suggestions for Semana Santa. I know it will be crazy crowded in Sevilla and crazy wonderful, too.

We may not stay there the whole time. For anyone who might be interested, I did find this wonderful video on Semana Santa in Cordoba. If it's taking too long to load, turn off the HD in the bottom right hand corner. It's directly linked above and off the Cordoba Holy Week page, toward the bottom. Needless to say, it makes me want to go to Cordoba, too!

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I spent Semana Santa in Seville in 2011. It was an amazing experience, but I wanted to go and see the processions. I booked a triple room in the Hotel Alcantara just inside the Barrio Santa Cruz in July for the following April. The price was steep, but it will be everywhere during that week. If you look at the hotel websites, you will see the pricing for the seasons (high/low) and Semana Santa will be high. Since my purpose for going was to see the processions, I anticipated the crowds. Others who have mentioned that it can be difficult to get around are correct. I was not willing to wait in line for the Cathedral or Alcazar due to the tremendous lines, but I had seen them on a previous visit. In my opinion, Seville is a magical city. I plan to return another time when it is not Semana Santa to enjoy the city and all that it has to offer. I guess ultimately, it depends on what you want to see and do. Other cities in Spain will have processions during that week, although the ones in Seville are the biggest. Buen Viaje!