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Service plazas on Spain's AP-7 and France's Autoroutes in Provence & Côte d'Azur

For anyone that has driven, say, between Barcelona and Nice on the Spanish Autopista and French Autoroute(s), how are the service plazas? For example:

Are gas prices higher there than on the local roads and in towns?
Do they have decent places to eat?
How about cleanliness and safety?
Do they seem to have enough service plazas scattered along the routes?

I've driven on several of the Italian Autostradas, and their service plazas were generally first-rate in every way (I don't recall the situation with gas prices, though).


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The service plazas in NE Spain and France are quite similar to those you have experienced in Italy; in fact, Autogrille is one of several vendors along the Autoroute & Autopista. They're plentiful, safe and clean. If I remember correctly, the food along the Italian highways and food sold in the market was tastier; but, I'd imagine that you'll find better & tastier dining once you've arrived at your destination. I only wish that the food along the NJ & PA Turnpikes was half-as-good as the Spanish fare (BTW - Autogrille, SA owns the US corporation HMS Services).
Fuel prices were in line with other options and did not require a fueling Plan B.

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Craig - good stuff - thanks! Yeah, I wish the NJ Turnpike had service areas akin to what I've experienced in Italy, lol!