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Segovia - best walks and views?

Hola !

I was listening to a podcast recently and the guest talked about a walk down the valley in segovia, from where it's possible to get great panoramic views of the alcazar and the city. He said the path has several roads or stairs to come back up to the town. But he did not talk about specifics on how to find the start of the path or anything like that. Has anybody done that walk or has any other locations to get great views of the city and alcazar?

Thank you.

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The three best miradores for views of the Alcazar and town behind:

Mirador de la Pradera de San Marcos

Mirador del Alcazar y los dos Valles

Mirador del Último Pino

Just search them on Google and they will pop up with descriptions and google maps locations, they are well known :-)

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If you have time for an evening drink, head over to the parador. Beautiful views of the city.

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I did it several years ago so don't remember the specifics very well, but from the road leading away from the castle there was a path through a wooded area down hill. Some steps if I remember but mostly wooded path. It came out near the Church Vera Cruz. You could also just walk down the road but that would be further. In this photo gallery the church I'm talking about is picture number 34. The road to the path is shown in picture number 21. Sorry I don't remember more details but I do remember walking down that path (I was solo at the time and thinking I hoped I didn't slip and fall cause there was no one else around). And I do remember thinking the views back up were good but apparently I didn't take many shots of them.