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Segovia and/or Madrid - laundry?

Does anyone know of a self-service laundry in Segovia and/or Madrid?

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Here is a map of Madrid showing all the laundromats, aka; 'lavanderías' ( Lavandería automática/ Lavandería Autoservicio):

RS Spain book (2015) recommends this self-serve laundromat near Plaza Mayor:

I have not used any of these, as I didn't do laundry in Madrid.

Keep in mind that doing laundry in a self-service laundromat is much more expensive than in the U.S.

Don't be surprised to pay anywhere from €6 - €10 per load. Last year I spend around €20 for 2 loads (wash & dry) in Italy.

Sometimes, it's worth having your hotel take care of your laundry or using a drop-off service where you can drop off your
dirty clothes in the morning then pick it up later that same day or the following day.

Hope this helps!

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Energy is expensive in Europe, so it reflects in laundry prices.

If I had a choice, I'd do my laundry in Segovia. Madrid is the worst in Spain for petty crime (it competes with Barcelona). You will have to watch your things like a hawk. Segovia is more like most of Spain, low key with lots of warm, honest people.