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Schengen calculations correct?

I visited Madrid from Nov. 4-10. I am going back for a longer stay in January. Have I done my calculations correctly, given the 90 in 180 day rule?
Nov. days in Schengen area, starting Nov. 4 = 10
Dec. days in Schengen area = 0
Jan., arrive Jan 13: days in Schengen area, 19
Feb., trip to Morocco, leave Feb. 10, arrive back Feb. 20 (both days are counted): Feb. days in Schengen area = 20
Mar., trip to Turkey, 8 days: Mar. days in Schengen area = 23
April == we have to leave on or before April 18th
Thanks very much.

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I agree with Badger about November.

December, January and February calculations look OK.

March is uncertain because you haven't given us the details about the "8 days" in Turkey. But it appears you know what you're doing.

Final conclusion would be correct but for the November situation and the uncertainty about March.

I recommend some judicious padding of the non-Schengen time. There's always a slight possibility your outbound trip to Morocco or Turkey might be delayed due to transportation difficulties or illness.

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Given the days you provided, your logic seems correct. But, several things...

Any part of a day is a day, so any arrival and departure day is a day, regardless of time.

February has 29 days this year, just saying....

Three types of people get in trouble with Schengen...

  • Those who are ignorant of the rules
  • Those who intentionally violate the rules
  • Those who try to squeeze out every last minute and get delayed.

I would not try to max out days, if you do, get to the Airport and your flight is delayed a day, that is on you, no grace given...unless you sleep airside in the International terminal. Leave yourself some cushion.

Also, you have a bunch of in and out activity, I would retain some documentation (ferry tickets, airline tickets, maybe some hotel receipts) in case you are questioned, showing where you were out of the Schengen zone.

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Thank you to all.
I never thought about an app! Will check it out.
Re a cushion...I agree. A good idea. And re keeping documentation.
I remembered I had been away for 10 days; the dates were wrong, i.e., Nov. 4-14.
Thanks again.

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Nov 4 - 14 is eleven days if you arrived in the Schengen Zone on Nov. 4 and left on Nov. 14.

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We did 89 days and still got delayed over an hour at the airport on departure because the agent when we came into Schengen did not properly stamp the passport. We had to provide documentation of precisely when we entered through tickets, hotel bills etc and have our passport back dated before they would let us go. The person pulled over with us missed the plane.

So they look carefully when they are screening at exit -- you don't want to mess this up by a day.