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Santa Eulàlia

Today is Santa Eulàlia — one of two patron saints of Barcelona. Usually the city would be celebrating four or five days, traditional folklore activities and lots of kids’ stuff. (Eulàlia was only 12 years old when she was martyred) It’s the first main festival of the year, Tonight we have a massive fireworks display instead of the usual activities. Here’s a glimpse of what could have been happening:

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Thoroughly enjoyed watching the castellers during Carrefoc / La Merce back in 2006. Plaza Jaume was so filled with people one could barely move.

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Thanks for sharing. For some reason, I have never actually watched castellers 'doing their thing'. I have an online acquaintance from UK who does this along with his wife. They often travel to Barcelona and maybe Murcia (??) for these events. Quite the feat...but I have to say, who lets their young children do that!!!

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@MariaF, is that Andrew? :))....

And they let children do that because it's not more dangerous than any other contact sport. Checking stats you'll see there are rarely any major injuries. Procedures are carefully laid and followed to avoid that. Yes, there have been serious ones in the past much like in most other sports, say football, for example, still children continue to play, right? One advantage of castellers is that moves are carefully planned before execution so it's 'easier' (mind me!) to foresee outcomes. I grant you that fail 'castles', as they're called, are spectacular to see, but, as I said, few injuries occur.

For those curious: