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San Sebastián/Bilbao OR Seville?

After my first leg in Barcelona (5 nights), I’m trying to determine whether San Sebastián or Seville is the better choice. The time would be around the third week of September. (They both look great, and are obviously completely different!) I need flat terrain (no hiking) and am looking for ease as far as getting around. I’ll be looking to spend approximately 4 days in this chosen area before I leave Spain.
Thoughts, please? Did you have a strong favorite? Thanks!

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In September, I'd go with 2 days San Sebastián and 2-3 days in Bilbao.

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We loved Sevilla. Did a couple of day trips from there and loved the ambiance and the food there. Very walkable city with both old and new. We will schedule another few days there on our next trip to that region. It was our first time in Sevilla- we have not been to San Sebastian.

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I would recommend Seville! It's a beautiful city architecturally with many important historical sites. I love, love the Alcazar! The colorful tile work, the intricate Moorish architecture and beautiful gardens make this my second favorite site in Andalucia, a close second to the Alhambra. The Plaza de Espagna, the cathedral, Casa di Pilatos - all are so beautiful! We had some of our best meals in Seville, too! Do you have 4 full days (so 5 nights)? If so, you could also take a day trip to Cordoba.

I haven't been to San Sebastian, so I can't compare.

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Hey! We will be in San Sebastian/Bilbao in the 3rd week of September! Then going on to Barcelona.

Haven't been to either there or Seville before, so I can't answer your question.

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Travel is so subjective and especially with these 2 choices! I have been to all 3. I used some of the RS Basque tour itinerary for my solo trip. I was very interested in learning more about Basque culture and history. The connection with the Catalan situation I found of great interest when I was recently in Barcelona. The food was incredible! The promenade in San Sebastian is totally level. I based there and did a day tour to Bilbao for the museum. I had longer than you and also spent time in the French area.
I also enjoyed Sevilla, beautiful architecture and the historic aspect of travel that forms the basis of my planning, for the Moorish influence.
You can't go wrong!

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You can fly nonstop between Seville and Barcelona (check Skyscanner). Cordoba is an easy day trip from Seville.

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Two totally different places. Donostia-San Sebastian is a coastal city, small, walkable, in a beautiful setting. September is normally drier than the rest of the year, but take into account that it´s the rainiest city in Spain. Flat and very easy to get around, you can see the whole of the city in three hours. It´s close to Bilbao (by bus, one hour of scenic road) and a city really worth the visit. Seville is normally dry and much hotter than SS, totally different food, different accent, more touristy and with more attractions than San Sebastian.

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Wonderful information, thanks to all! It looks like all signs are pointing south to Seville!

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hey hey kimberly best things to do in seville to spend 3 days in san sebastian (basque coast morning or basque villages afternoon) spain road trip
my best friend is french basque from near saint-jean-de-luz.
just a few other options with things to do and see. enjoy your researching and have a great time.