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Salamanca and Burgos

Please let me know if you have any information on guides, restaurants or places to see in Salamanca and Burgos. Will be going in Sept on our way to Bilbao

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Are you driving or using the train? How much time in each? And can you be more specific about your interests, price-points, etc.? Looking forward to helping (if I can) but some more specifics would help me first!

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We have a driver taking us to Salamanca from Madrid airport as my husband has mobility issues. We have 2 days in Salamanca staying at a Marriott then 1 day in Burgos. We love history, food and wine. Would like info on local restaurants, guides etc.
thank you so much

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In Salamanca the main sights are near the cathedral. To me, the main sights are the cathedral, Roman bridge, and Casa de las Conchas (house of shells). One item people look for on the door to the University is Rana de la Universidad, the Frog.

In Burgos I liked the cathedral with the tomb of El Cid and his wife Jimena. Other sites to see are the Santa María Arch, the Plaza Mayor, the statue of El Cid, and the castle overlook. With mobility issues the overlook might be difficult to walk to. If you watched the movie “The Way” the restaurant used in the movie where Martin Sheen’s character’s backpack was stolen is located in the plaza in front of the cathedral; El Rincón de España. It’s across from the ice cream shop Chocolate Valor. Santa María arch was also in the movie.

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We were in Salamanca three weeks ago and had a lovely, inexpensive dinner at La Hoja 21 at C-/ San Pablo, 21. My sister had recommended this restaurant from a trip she took in 2018 and when we asked our hotel where it was they said it was an excellent choice. I have mobility issues and this restaurant was an easy walk from where we were staying near Plaza Mayor.

We really enjoyed the cathedral/s in Salamanca but some of the floor surfaces were a little challenging for my severely arthritic knees and ankle, and from the exit you end up with an uphill walk back to the main part of the city. That said, the cathedrals were excellent - just plan to see them when you feel fresh and have time to linger. We didn't attempt the cathedral towers tour.

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More suggestions in Salamanca:

  • Casa Lis, an art deco/ art nouveau museum with some stunning glass and jewelry among other things
  • Museum of the History of the Automobile ( and I’m not even that much of a car person)
  • Convento de las Dueñas - has a 2-story cloister garden whose columns have fantastical carvings of creatures that you can get up close to and admire, and like so many convents in Spain, the nuns sell sweets. I believe I read about this convent in Rick’s guidebook, great tip.

Enjoy your visit

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In Burgos, take a taxi to Cartuja de Miraflores. It is a couple miles outside of the main Old Town area, but is worth the trip.

In town: The Church of San Esteban is a gothic-era structure that has been converted into a museum of religious art including nearly 20 alterpieces. Again, may require a taxi since it is at the top of a hill. There's the Cathedral, of course. And have a meal at Casa Ojeda, especially the suckling lamb.

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I took a bus to the Cartuja de Miraflores, but I may have had a bit of a walk after I got off the bus. It was seven years ago, and my memory on that point is hazy. I do remember being stopped in my tracks by Berruguete's Annunciation, and I'm not at all religious.

Just so you know: Burgos is notoriously windy. Hold on to your hat if you wear one.

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I visited both cities in 2018. Love the food there. In Burgos, visit some of the excellent tapas bars. In fact, do a "bar hop". If you see English menus, then run as fast as you can. There are lots of foreign tourists in both cities and hence some eateries are tourist traps.