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Royal Palace Madrid Ticket question: Kitchen ticket

Hello FIRST THANK YOU for all the great advice I received from the community here.
I have a question about my tickets from the Royal Palace. I downloaded them and all I see is a time for the 12;15 Kitchen Tour. I don't see a time for the general admission ticket. Is that a mistake ? is that not a timed entrance?

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I'm pretty sure that the ticket time is to enter the complex (entrance is at the end of the wing on the street side, at Plaza de Armaria, between the place and the [lackluster] cathedral).

The same ticket will get you into the kitchens, but there isn't a specific time assigned to that part of the visit.

I say this with 98% confidence. Apologies for that remaining 2%...

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It seems like the kitchen is 12:15... maybe both are? I thought I got a 9:30 Palace admission. thank you.

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I just combed through the Patrimonio site, and it is certainly not clear! All I'm seeing are grouped tickets, palace and kitchen with Spanish-language guided tours. Sorry to have added to your confusion.

I have to go back and buy tickets for an exhibit there and am pre-frustrated!

(I love many things about Spain. The national refusal to design internet interfaces from the 'User Experience' perspective is not one of them!)

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Here's what I found

"All rates that include a view of the Palace will be accessed through the preferred door. The selected time of your entrance corresponds to the visiting time of the Real Cocina, to do so you must present yourself 5 minutes before at the specific meeting point located in the Zaguán entrance to the Palace. The visit to the rest of the dependencies of the Royal Palace can be done before or after the visit to the Royal Kitchen, taking into account the closing hours."

So it looks to me like you can do the general tour of the palace whenever you want.

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Hey all, just wanted to share my experience in case anyone else is thinking through this. I just went today (Sun, Oct 8) with a kitchen tour at 11:15. Got there at 10:30 and got into the palace at 10:45 with no problems. Kitchen tour was interesting, only 30 mins, and was nice and cool since it’s in the basement. Tour was in Spanish, but there are signs with both English and Spanish descriptions of the rooms (tour felt a bit rushed, so I took photos of those to read later). I stayed to visit the Palace afterwards.