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Route Guidance and days

Hi All

My wife and I are planning to spend 13 nights in Spain starting Mid June hoping to experience the best of Madrid, Cordoba, Granada, Seville, Barcelona in that order.

Here is a breakdown of our days
Madrid/Toledo - 2 nights
Cordoba - 2 nights, night time arrival first night,
Granada - 1 night, evening travel to Seville
Seville - 3 nights,
Barcelona - Morning arrival, 3 nights stay
Madrid - 2 nights, late arrival first night

Travel Times
Madrid - Cordoba 2 hours
Cordoba - Granada - 3 hours
Granada - Seville - 3.5 hours
Seville - Barcelona - RyanAir morning flight 2 hours
Barcelona - Madrid - AVE - 3 hours

What does one think about the route? Does this look like a doable itinerary given the length of our travel? If you were to change the ordering and days, how would you do so?

Also, we are minimizing accommodation expenses and hoping to stay in hostels in most cities. Can anyone commend on the hostel accommodations in these areas?

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I see that you are flying in AND out of Madrid. To save precious time, I'd fly into one city and out of another. I think Granada needs more time, maybe at the expense of a night in Cordoba or Madrid. Sounds like fun!!

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The allocation looks pretty good.

Door-to-door, the Seville-Barcelona leg is going to take more than four hours. Read up on the Ryan restrictions and extras.

If you don't find what you need in hostels, look at hostals which are small, family-run hotels that can be a real bargain.

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I'm not sure why you wouldn't choose Madrid, Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada, Barcelona, Madrid in that order. Flying to Barcelona makes sense but you can save some time by visiting Sevilla between Cordoba and Granada.

Save still more time by catching your flight home out of Barcelona (even if you connect in Madrid).

I agree that Granada is a better place to spend extra nights than Seville (unless you have a specific reason to stay longer such as Easter Week or April Fair). Granada takes a full day just to see the Alhambra so you won't have any time for any other sites.

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We had thought about that too.. but the reason we are doing Granada -> Seville is because RyanAir does not fly out of Granada, and train ride turns out to be more expensive and longer (($128 for 2 at ~ 12 hours) than ryanAir ($60 for 2p at ~5hours )

After Spain, we further extend our travel to India and it was difficult to find reasonable open jaw flights for our itinerary (difference of about $2500). At the expense of time, flying out of Madrid made more sense to save costs.

We have shortened our trip in Corboda to a day and taking a later train extending our visit in Granada by a day.

We were able to find some nicely priced hostels (first few hits on Google) with private rooms under $30 per day that serves our needs.

Thanks for the quick responses, looking forward to our trip!

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Glad to see that the plan is coming together. Buen viage!

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Hi Ajithv,

Can you please share some hotel recommendations that you found? We are doing an almost similar trip in June!


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Here you go! We found these through some of the hostel websites and compared them to others based on reviews.

Los Amigos Sol Backpackers, Madrid, Spain
Hostal Martin, Madrid, Spain

Pension Cibeles, Cordoba, Spain

Hostal Arroyo, Granada, Spain

The Boutike Hostel, Seville, Spain

Microtel Bauhaus Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain