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Rideshare Question

I'm looking into transportation and many are coming up with rideshare options, BlaBlaCar. Looking for sharing of experiences for those that have used this service and tips, thoughts etc. Thanks in advance!

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This is about Spain, right? What particular cities?

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Yes, Spain. Quite a few different ones.
I should have been specific that I'm looking for reviews and information, tips for BlaBlaCar.

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Thanks for clarifying your question.

While you wait for more current answers - although since covid it is unlikely you will get one more recent than 18 months while travel has been banned - you might use the Search facility right here. Depending on your device, iit will be the slightly grey area at the top of the page with the big magnifying glass titled Search, or if you are on a mobile device under the three dots or the hamburger.

If you just put in the one word BlaBla you will get 17 threads where it has been discussed.