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Restaurants recommendations for Tapas with Kids

We have a very short 2 days in Barcelona and would really love to do Tapas with our kids. (7,9,14,16) It may just be appetizers and we may go eat a bigger meal elsewhere, but what are some child friendly places? Maybe in La Rambla area, or near Sagrada Familia.
thank you!

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Most of the restaurants do allow children from my personal observation. I am not sure of the extent of the choices on the menu which would attract children of the younger age, but there should be something there. The sidewalk cafes and side walk tapas places might be a good will encounter families with all ages at them.

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Hi Megan,

How picky are your kids with food? Most places are suitable for kids those ages. I have nephews 8 and 11 and take them to most places I would otherwise go as an adult.

For example, if your kids like seafood and fish, I'd suggest La Paradeta. It's a no-nonsense unassuming and inexpensive sort of seafood fast-food sort of place. Imagine McDonalds but healthy :) and also Incidentally they have three restaurants in town, one located in El Born area -which you're bound to visit anyway- and another one near Sagrada Família.

There's this magazine, which is sort of an 'unofficial' bible for us locals when it comes to going out in the city: restaurants, entertainment... You might want to have a look there, there are plenty of ideas and suggestions. Specifically for children: although I'd say that yours are probably old enough for plenty more sites where any of us would go too. I'd suggest to focus instead on the "restaurants & cafes" generic page:

Whatever you choose, please do avoid the bars "in" Les Rambles as most of them are purely and simply tourist traps: awful food and very expensive.

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The only place I liked enough to recommend in Barcelona was:
El Xampanyet
Carrer de Montcada, 22
08003 Barcelona

To me it was the most authentic, local, and best value of the many places we tried. Most of the others we tried in Barcelona were either chains or expensive upscale bars.