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Reschedule of Spain trip to ???

HI all,
We all know about the horrific crisis in Spain right now and hope it will end soon. We had to cancel our Easter week trip for obvious reasons and have secured vouchers from Iberia good until next March. Trouble is when to go?

We can travel up until late August this year, during the Christmas holiday break or the third week in February next year. My wife is a school teacher and that's her only availability within the time frame Iberia gave us.

Opinions? Thanks

Best to all in Spain, stay well, get well.

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the third week in February next year

Among the options you present, this would be my choice

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No one knows, but I am assuming no holidays outside the U.K. will be likely until next year. They are talking if 6 months of social distancing here in the U.K. so there certainly won’t be any international travel during that timeframe.

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I'd wait until next year. From all I've read it will be at least June before many lockdowns are ended. Doubtful that things will be up and running until later in the year. I went in March to Spain and while it was cool a few days, it also got up into the 60s.

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Nobody knows and nobody can tell you what to do. I would certainly not plan on any foreign travels for the rest of this year, and am skeptical about early next year too. Before picking another time, I'd consider what your options are to reschedule again, as there's a pretty good chance that "by next March" may not be a practical/possible time to travel to Spain.

While the airlines would prefer to just give vouchers (and just for one year), and that may be all you can get, it may be worth calling back and asking if you can get a refund, or a more open-ended may not get it but it can't hurt to ask.

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I would have been glad to have rescheduled my just cancelled trip to Berlin, however we were given the runaround by our booking travel agent. I think they had limited answers for any question, so we asked for a cash refund.
The world as we know it is changing, and who knows what the situation will be like in 10-11 months?
We've been traveling extensively the last few years to Europe, and ignoring the U.S. domestic travel. I've never been to Montana, Idaho or Wyoming and we might go out to there. I can always pretend we're traveling The Alps, though it won't be quite the same.
And as far as our European trips go, we have not begun to quit traveling. If my wife's arthritis gets too bad, I'm sure she'll get another wheelchair and get me to push her thru all of Europe like I did in 2018.

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Two of my friends, who are retired foreign language high school teachers, would very often go to Spain, Portugal, France during February vacation, and they loved crowds, and museums, palaces, restaurants all to themselves. I would hope (yes, hope) that by February vacation you would be okay to go. I know hope is not a strategy, but I will remain hopeful for all of us. Enjoy it, whenever you go !

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Plan for the Christmas season! Enjoy the festive vibe and if Iberia has to cancel again they'll likely give you more time to use the voucher.

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I have a Spain trip scheduled in October, but if that’s cancelled I’d try for Christmas, then February. In other words, I’d push for earliest available date.

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I understand you want to reschedule your vacation, but when is a good question. My personal opinion, take it or leave it, is you need to wait until there is a vaccine available to the public that works. You need to wait until the CDC and the State Department say it's safe to travel. You need to wait until Spain is open for business and the world has a handle on this pandemic.

I too had to cancel my two week UK vacation this May but I am not booking anything until it is safe to do so and we all don't know when that will be. It has been said that this may be a seasonal disease and we will need a vaccine. This is something we have not had to face since 1918.

For now, I think you should put off booking a vacation. I know that you have vouchers until March of next year. Let's pray that this will be resolved long before that.


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Typically, when somebody asks a question you don’t know the answer to, it is allowed to be true that you don’t know the answer but the asker will be much happier if you give you best ball park estimate, your best assumption, or your best estimate, without communicating doubt, than if you succumb to urges to say non-answers like “I have no idea”, “ Nobody knows”, “that is unknowable”, and so on. Yeah you may barely be able to stand answering this way but thats a small price to pay for the asker to be significantly happy.

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Reschedule for the Christmas holiday. A week before your flights, check to see if the museums, and sights like the Alhambra were open the day before. If the sights were not open, immediately cancel your trip.

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Spain will have much more time with this situation. I recommend you to wait for the Christmas season.

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I bought my plane tickets to spain in February, before the pandemic started accelerating and dominating the news, the authorities started giving orders to stay away from people and stay home as much as humanly possible, the museums and sights were closed, and before travel was banned.

My trip is in October. My mother has a lifelong phobia of travel. I was planning to not tell her about my trip until a month before I travel. Should I wait until the last minute to see if I need to postpone my trip or should I cancel my trip soon, for example this week?

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For those of us that work directly in the tourist business, this is a completely lost year, with zero income. Season begins now in March and ends around October, and I very much doubt that visitors from overseas countries (say, the US among others) will come to Europe this year. The scare is just too big now, no doubt it will end sometime (and I hope, soon), but many of our visitors make their travel plans well in advance and it´s not normally a sudden decision. We are asking visitors to postpone, not to cancel, but again, it may not be possible for everyone.

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Many thanks to all of you for your responses! I particularly appreciate the comments about the best time of year given the three choices I have.

I live on Long Island within 50 miles of New York City. We are very well aware of the severity of the corona crisis and precautions that need to be taken but I do thank you for comments on that as well.

Our days are saturated with corona news, it's hard to get anything else. So thinking about European travel once it is safe is actually a bit of a stress reliever: it gives us something to think about other than washing our hands and so on.

Again, thanks to all. Stay well, get well.