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Renting a car vs ride service

So, based on recommendations here, we've decided to fly into BCN and travel to Sitges prior to embarking on a cruise that leaves out of Tarragona. In the past, we have rented cars in Europe but mostly out of smaller cities in Spain or towns in Crete where we want to explore.

Question, please:

Cost of a transfer from BCN to Sitges is 54 euros, then from Sitges to Tarragona 137 euros. Total 191 euros.
Cost of renting a car for entire time: 244-300 euros.

As we won't really need a car in Sitges, thinking it might be easier to pay for transfers and relax to and fro and not worry about tolls, etc.

What's the opinion of those here?

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Assuming your cost figures are accurate, this fits in the "No Brainer" category.

To paraphrase an old ad "Leave the driving to them"

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Train not great as we'll have luggage for a month's stay in Europe. Tried trains before but wheels broke off luggage, and we're getting to that age where lifting is not that feasible.

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Do you mind sharing which company you checked with for the ride service?

We will be in Spain at the end of December, and with 10 people traveling, I'm investigating whether a private transfer might be a better choice vs. trains in some situations. I have used Suntransfers in the past and have been very happy with their services, but I'd love to do more comparisons.

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3477 posts might be easier to pay for transfers and relax to and fro and not worry about tolls, etc...

Absolutely easier and more relaxing. For the small difference in the amount of money, there isn't any way we would go through the hassle of a rental car. Just our two euros worth.

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It seems like a no brainer, but you never mentioned how many days you’d be in Sitges and Tarragona. I mention it because if you are in either more than a couple days, you might like a rental car to explore the surrounding area and some of the small towns. For example, there’s a nice castle an hour from Sitges in Cardona and some of the small towns have nice small main plazas, churches, markets, etc. Just a thought if you had the time and desire to explore places away from the coast that most tourists never get to.

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We'll only be spending four days in Sitges (directly after travelling 14+ hours by plane) and two in Tarragona prior to embarkation. I'm thinking we're just going to lay about, especially since I've organized private tours for most of the port stops on our 18 day cruise.