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Rental car in Ronda - for day trip

As so many... hoping to put together a trip for Fall 21. We have been to Seville/Ronda/Granada (& onward) in the past. Looking to revisit and explore the hill towns a bit more.
The plan is to use bus and train to travel from city to city .. Plan is to stay in Ronda for 3 or 4 nights. I would like to rent a car in Ronda for a day or 2 to see a few other towns.
So far no joy in finding a mainstream rental - so was wondering if anyone knows if there might be a local company (rent-a-heap ??) in town?

Really don't want to rent from Seville - there may be 4 of us and that's just a pain with luggage and underground parking etc.

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Not certain where you’ll be prior to going to Ronda, but possibly pick up the car in Malaga (42 miles from Ronda). Last time we were in that area we flew into Jerez de la Frontera and picked up the car right at the airport (54 miles from Ronda). Believe it was Avis we rented from on that trip. From the Jerez airport, it’s easy to get onto the nearby A-382 and head towards Arcos de la Frontera, the first town in the area’s popular white towns. At Arcos, switch over to the A-372 and go straight towards Ronda. The roads are in good repair, but don’t expect to drive more than 70kph/42mph.

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Was surprised to not see more considering the size of Ronda, but there is a place called Auto Ronda Rent a Car that seems to get good reviews.

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That is a thought.

I could adjust nights along the way "down" here. This is toward the end of a long (hopefully) trip. 2 weeks- Basque region (start from Madrid go N then west on coast), 4 + weeks Portugal (N to So). Then Seville (3 or 4 nts), Ronda (3 or 4) Cordoba (3) end in Barcelona (4 nts - been there bunches).
So wanted to not rent from Seville - but guess we could train to Jerez dlF, wander the towns to and from Ronda and return it in Cordoba.
Maybe I'll ask hotel if there is something local.

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Thank you valadelphia, Guess my Google search abilities are lacking today.
This is great to see - and looks to be close into town. perfect for a day by day rental next Nov.