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Rent Car or Train?

I will be traveling with my senior parents in May. After departing a Douro River Cruise in Porto, we plan to make our way to Salamanca for 2 days, onto Segovia for 2 days and finally to Madrid. They may be senior, but they are well traveled, in great shape and pack in a carry-on bag. Still, with 3 people, I am thinking a rent car might be easier and more economical (I have driven in Italy and all over the UK - not for the faint-hearted). Then again, the train might be easier and we could avoid searching for parking.

Thoughts? Any and all advice is appreciated!

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Hello there, are you aware of the rather hefty drop-off fee (in the 100s of €s) of picking up a car in one country and dropping it off in another (Portugal and Spain in this case)?

I'm not aware of any direct public transport between Salamanca and Oporto, lack of ground connections is a common problem for travelers trying to combine the two countries. You may want to hire a private driver in Oporto to drive you across the border to Salamanca and then take the train/bus on to Segovia from there.

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It's a potentially ugly transfer. Check Flixbus to see whether it has anything that would work for you.