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Rent a Car in Salamanca for Day Trips?

My husband and I will be in Salamanca for a week in June and we are wondering if we should rent a car for day trips.

Are there any day trip recommendations?

Thank you!

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If you like castles, there are a number of them in that area (Medina Del Campo, Arévalo, Coca, Cuellar, Portillo). If you’re religious, the nearby town of Alba de Tormes has the crypt of Saint Teresa of Ávila and some relics (heart, finger, etc. of others). Up the road is Zamora that is worth walking around for half a day. The Treaty of Tordesillas that essentially divided the new world between Spain and Portugal was signed in that nearby town. Years ago I found the tour of the Santa Clara convent in Tordesillas to be interesting. No idea if one can still tour it or now. South of Salamanca is the walled city of Béjar. Ávila is east of Salamanca and is another walled town. Other than the wall, there’s little else there. About 1.5 hours away is Morgaz. It is very small. What’s interesting is on many of its buildings are likeness’ of the people who used to live in them.

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The villages of La Alberca, San Martin del Castañar, Miranda del Castañar, and Mogarraz in the Sierra del Francia would make a good day trip from Salamanca.