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Renfe site ... frustrating!

I have been on trying to figure something out to no avail. I do not know what their search engine issues are but I bet I can get the answers here. One more thing .. what is up with the furrow-browed alien virtual assistant Irene?

Here's what I need to know ...

I purchased, at the Atocha station, two round-trip tickets for Madrid-Granada for next week. I need to either: cancel both tickets or change them for the following week to Madrid-Seville.

I cannot do the Madrid-Granada trip at all.

Do they allow cancellations with refunds? If so, how far in advance do I have to do it?
Do they allow a double change - date and city - with the existing ticket's purchase price applied to the new tickets?
What days/hours are the ticket offices open at Atocha?

Thank you in advance.