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Renfe Online Registration Problems

I am trying to register on the site so I can use my smart phone to purchase tickets via their app. I’m having an impossible time of it trying to register my “Renfe User” name. I’ve tried using no spaces, using letters only and using letters with a few numbers, but no matter what I put in I get the following message pop up when I hit the 'Accept" button:
'Please, complete the fields of contact data.'
Beside the user field I’m getting one of the two error messages:
The alias is available (M001)
The username is not correct, only letters (a-zA-Z) and numbers are allowed
I tried contacting them through their online assistance and got a notice that it wasn’t currently working.
I will not have access to a printer over there so using the App would be very useful.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Why use the app if it so quirky? You could buy on the regular Renfe website and print the tickets out at home before you leave.

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Thanks. It isn't the App, it's the registration on the Renfe website. Renfe requires you register in order to use the App and it's also good to register if you're using the computer in case your ticket doesn't come up after you've gone through all the steps. I've read a number of people had that issue. I can't print the tickets out before leaving because I'm not sure what days we'll be traveling and to where. We usually travel with backpacks and have only a very loose plan. We like to move on if a place doesn't strike us and extend our stay when we find an intriguing place.

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Thanks. It has been frustrating. I use the man in seat 61 often. I actually used his site to see how to register. Thanks for the tripadvisor link! I'll give that a try.

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I'm not sure why the registration isn't working. I was able to register about a year ago.

I'd be leery of trying to use the app even if you do get registered. The renfe site doesn't work well for North Americans; I can't imagine the app is much better. How will you actually pay for a ticket using the app? Credit cards will almost for sure not work (or not often). The Paypal option is new and seems to work pretty well. Will that be an option with the app? If not, I'd have serious doubts that you could actually purchase a ticket.

Though not as convenient, you may just need to buy tickets at the station once you know your next departure. The major stations will have "day-of" ticket lines that can be more efficient than the regular lines (lines are a big problem at Atocha). It is very rare that a train would sell out unless you are traveling on a major holiday time. You can also buy at the station in advance.

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You may want to have a look at the Capitaine Train website to buy your tickets, and don't bother with the App at this time. I believe they sell some Renfe tickets and if so it will be a more "painless" experience than fighting with the Renfe site.

Good luck!

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Thank you Douglas and Ken! I believe when you register on the Renfe site you provide your credit card that will be used when you purchase tickets on the Renfe app. From what I understand your credit card has to be a VFV (Verified by Visa). That's another issue I need to plod through.
I emailed Renfe and got the response below. Others have commented that you need Explorer for using the Renfe site, not Safari or Chrome and I'm using Safari. This might be why some have trouble while others don't. Their recommendation for setting security to medium or low is a little unsettling given you are entering credit card information. After all this, I'll probably end up buying tickets at the station!
Here's the response from Renfe:
Dear customer:

We are contacting you regarding the email you sent us.

We inform you that you have to set low the security level or disable your antivirus and accept the security certificated that the web page offer to you at the beginning of the process.

Please verify:
You are using Internet Explorer and OS Windows.
That you get in the page directly, not through Google or another search page.
Make sure the level of security of your browser it is set medium or low
And the antivirus or firewall is disable.

If you need any further information, please contact us again.


Centro de Atención Posventa On Line
Dirección de Comercial y Marketing
Dirección General de Renfe Viajeros

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I've been able to buy tickets online while in Spain using my hotel's computer and printer.

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Linda - The point we are making is that even if registering, your credit card may not work. I'm registered, and my card has the Verified by Visa and was part of the registration. It only worked once in a blue moon. The system just isn't structured to handle US credit cards well for some reason. Finding this out while there and trying to rely on it isn't a good time to find out. If the app will work with the Paypal option, then that might work for you. Best of luck.

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Thank you Chani and Douglas. I think y'all have convinced me to forget about the app and just deal with it there. It's too bad their system isn't better but I'm sure it'll get there with time.