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Refused entry??

We took Ricks good advice and only did one way ticket to Spain starting next week!! (08Sept). Now I see KLM is saying Spain MAY refuse us entry without an onward ticket. Has anyone been refused entry based on that? And what are the “other acceptable evidence on onward travel” requirements?😵‍💫😵‍💫😷

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stanmuth, where did you see him giving that advice?

Even before COVID, in many countries, sometimes people were refused entry if they couldn't satisfy the immigration authorities that they weren't coming to look for work, or planning to stay indefinitely.

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The requirement for "proof of onward travel" is almost universal in visa-free countries, in my experience. Being an EU national, I do not know how often it is enforced at the EU borders.

As for the advice you mention: it was probably something along the lines of "2 one-ways can be cheaper than a return".

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Well, your committed now. But immigration will have the same question everyone else has raised, So what are your plans? How are you getting home? When are you going home? What is your itinerary?

You can, and likely will be asked those questions, so have some evidence of where you are staying, where you are going, when you are leaving Spain if that is relevant. The more confident you are, the fewer problems you have, and best to have a plan on paper.

If the question is raised, please also be aware that there are several other requirements they can dig into; Do you have sufficient funds to provide for your stay? Do you have evidence of medical insurance? Things that probably few if any on here have been asked, because they just look like average tourists on a set itinerary, and a ticket home.

PS: I think you might be confusing "one-way" with "Open-Jaw", which Rick Steves has promoted for decades. Open Jaw is flying into one city, and out of a different city (as opposed to "round trip", into and out of the same city), but you still have a ticket home, even if a different airline.

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As long as I can remember, passport control has always asked to see proof that you will be leaving the country within the time allowed. Lucky that you caught this before flying out and while you can add a return onto your outbound itinerary. You seem to have misunderstood something RS wrote.

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I have never been asked for proof of a return flight or rail ticket out of the country, and I've traveled to Europe 5 times since 2015, plus at least a dozen times prior to 1996. It's possible Immigration now has access to electronic flight records so it knows (once my passport is scanned) what other flights I have booked. However, twice recently I booked just an outbound flight with frequent-flier miles then arranged the return flight after I had been in Europe for a month or two. Never a problem.

However, I am now 69 years old, so for all of those recent trips I have been--and looked like--a retiree rather than someone who might be planning to stay around a look for a job. There are no guarantees an Immigration will not choose to get picky. If concerned about this, it would be possible to buy a one-way fully cancelable ($$$) ticket home for a future date, then cancel it when final arrangements are made.

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In the case of the OP, KLM is warning him, and likely, under International Carriage Laws, the airline is obligated to indicate on the manifest turned over to immigration, people who have "one-way" tickets, along with basic passport information.

I have been asked how long I am staying in the country, and how (mode) I am exiting, especially when I was taking a train or ferry out of the Schengen zone and departing another country.

But to the point, most people raise no flags, so get no questions, other than the stock "Business or Pleasure?"

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Spain requires plenty of documentation (return ticket, bank account, employment proof) from citizens of countries where it is worried about illegal immigration. If you are coming from America immigration might ask questions but I highly doubt you will be refused entry.

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We’ve been asked in the past 4 years to show a return ticket when checking in to our international flight at SFO. I had to pull out our return one way flight on a different airline to satisfy the gate agent and be allowed to board.

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No personal experience with the possible entry refusal or 'other acceptable evidence...', as all my international travels have been on a round trip ticket.

Just where did you encounter the RS advice to buy only a one way ticket?

What is your origin (home) country?

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Hi, all. This thread seems to be inviting responses that violate guideline #8. Please do not advise or share how to circumvent laws.

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Your issue won't be European authrorities - its more likely checking in for your flight. Come armed with evidence that you intendend to exit Schengen within 90 days. e.g. a flight out of another country in the area e.g. UK, an itinerary, proof of funds , basically evidence that you have a life to return - future appointments, evidence of an employer, school or similar back in the USA

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Ok Everybody!!!
Thanks for the loads of advice and information!!! But enough for now.. really great that RS has such a devoted and responsive crew.