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Refunding Alhambra Tickets

After I purchased tickets for the Alhambra and Generalife, we cancelled our trip because of my husband's illness. I tried to phone them unsuccessfully. I also tried to respond to the email I received, no luck. Any ideas about how I can seek a refund ? I don't think I can resell them because they have my passport number and require an ID.

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Did you purchase them from the official website? Do they have a refund policy stated on the website? Most are non-refundable. You would need to go through trip insurance to get a refund due to medical issues.

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I did order through the official website, and the policy says they're non refundable. That day is sold out -

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What is about so many American tourists that think that a no refund policy does not mean no refund. I know we always think that we have good reasons for the No Refund policy not applying to our situation but it is still a No Refund policy. And that is why trip insurance is a major business.

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Frank, your response is unkind and not helpful. I posted this after I found out --- on this forum --- that my non-refundable airline tickets
would be put on hold with a doctor's verification of my husband's serious illness. In the case of the Alhambra, it's not the money as much as the fact that someone in Spain could use those tickets -- it's sold out on that day. I am going to forfeit other tickets; we had planned a three week trip on our home (with lots of help from kinder folks on this forum). I resent your generalization of all Americans from my unfortunate - and admittedly stupid -- mistake.

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His response wasn’t unkind. It’s a fact that many people seem to think that a specific policy doesn’t apply to them. I understand your point that others could use the time slot, and somebody will use it. The replacement tickets will just be sold on-sight rather than online. No-refund means no-refund, not no-refund except for A, B, or C. The policy is crystal clear. The Alhambra and other popular tourist sights have the policy for a reason. They need to know how many people will be visiting and it’s an understandable policy when dealing with people from dozens of countries who may or may not be canceling for a valid reason. Trying to refund money would be a nightmare having to deal with all the different countries and credit card companies. Unfortunately, that’s a chance you take when purchasing in advance and one that is seldom mentioned on this forum. If you have trip insurance, it should cover the cost, since the cancelation is for medical reasons.

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It looks like they have changed their return policy.

I've sent an email to the Alhambra asking your question. I'll let you know if they reply.

What's the date of your tickets?

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Sue, please understand that Frank's response was not unkind; it was realistic. "Non-refundable" means exactly that. You must accept that when you buy advance tickets.

The fact that some American airlines like Delta are offering credit for future travel ( no refunds) due to the current situation has no relevance to the Alhambra. If your main motivation is to make the unused tickets available for others on a sold-out date, there should be a way for you to simply cancel, without refund. We have numerous tickets for attractions in Italy and plays in London that are non-refundable, but I will notify them of cancellation in case someone else can use them. In the case of Venice historic sites, I will just consider the amount a donation to a worthy cause, as suggested by Jazz-Travels.