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Recommendations to add to our RS Andalucia Trip

We're taking the Andalucia RS trip in Sept which ends on a Tues morning. We decided to wait to return to the US until Saturday (from Madrid), so we'll have approx 4 days after the tour. We've briefly been to Barcelona, we've done Madrid and we were on the RS Basque Country trip (actually spent extra time in San Sebastian). So we have a happy dilemma - do we go back to Barcelona for a few more days, maybe Zaragoza, Malaga or Marbella? Other suggestions to maximize our time in Spain. Looking for some great recommendations. TIA!

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If the tour doesn't go to Ubeda and Baeza, they would be good options. And certainly Toledo if you haven't been there. That would be a good 4-day combo. I haven't been to Marbella, but Malaga and Zaragoza are definitely worth visiting.

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Rather than heading off to Barcelona or Zaragoza, I'd maximize the available time by staying south. Sevilla is worth another day or two at least. If you're willing to drive, you could explore Jerez, Cadiz, and/or some of the "white towns" like Arcos. Your tour will take you through that area but it doesn't look like there will be much time to stop.

Acraven's suggestion of Toledo is very good if you haven't been there before, but getting there by train requires going to Madrid (Atocha) and backtracking. The train between Sevilla and Madrid is very fast and easy, though. If you liked Cordoba, you could stop there again along the way.

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I was going to second Acraven's recommendation of Baeza and Úbeda, but I just looked at the tour itinerary and see that Úbeda is a stop on the tour. Since the tour ends in Sevilla you might consider a visit to Jerez and Cadiz or Ronda. Because you exit Spain from Madrid I would not double back to Barcelona. I know you said that you have visited Madrid but it makes a great base for daytrips to Toledo, Segovia, La Granja de San Ildefonso, Ávila, etc. I would skip El Escorial and Valle de los Caídos. Toledo is lovely in the evening. I don't know if in your previous trip you stopped at any of these places. Maybe do an overnight to Toledo and then go over to Consuegra to see the windmills and castle.

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Do you want to stick to train/bus?
Would you mind sharing the Andalucia stops on the tour? Some of them would be great to stay in longer, or some gems may be left out. I agree, stay in the region rather than wasting time going all the way to Barcelona.

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Our trip in June ends in Seville.

Then (on our own):
Seville (2)

Train to Cordoba (2)

Train + Bus to Nerja (2) Bus / daytrip up to Frigiliana

Bus to Malaga (1)

Fly Malaga – Mallorca (3)

Fly home

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Hello fro m Wisconsin,
Acraven has good suggestions. Baeza is my vote and make sure to go to the cafe Teatro central.

wayne iNWI

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We were recently in Malaga and LOVED it - RS makes it out to be just a transport hub but we definitely thought that assessment was outdated (they city has undergone a lot of revitalization since they started the process in about 2003). Lots to do and eat, and plenty of atmosphere to enjoy. We did an evening walking tour through AirBNB experiences to get us oriented and were really impressed.

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ladyjayden, I agree with you about Malaga. Rick's advice is very outdated. He treats Malaga as only a transportation hub. It is so much more than that. We spent 2 nights there in 2017 and we wish we had more time. We loved it!