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Quick Overnight Stop Between Madrid & Toledo

I'm flying into Madrid on a Saturday evening in October and renting a car. My first "main" stop will be Toledo, but given the late hour, I'm not sure I want to go the whole way that evening. Does anyone know of a nice little town with a place to stay and a decent place to eat about halfway between the Madrid Airport and Toledo?


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I am not sure there is anywhere between Madrid and Toledo worthy of an overnight stop. I do not know how long the drive time between those two cities is, but they are only 25 minutes apart by train. IMHO if you feel good/alert enough to leave Madrid, you should be able to make it to Toledo.

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I've been thinking that myself. I think I can make the 35 minute drive, but I'm concerned about finding my way around and locating a hotel in the dark when I'm starting to get tired.

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Stay in a hotel next to the madrid airport and pick up your car the next morning. You will be rested and able to check out the car, and take photos of it, in the light of the morning. Then you can enjoy making the drive without being tired or looking for signs in the dark. Be sure and obtain your IDP as required by Spanish law.

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It's a fairly short trip, but if you want something even closer (generally on the way), try Aranjuez - it's the site of an old palace similar to El Escorial, smaller and many say better. You should be able to find restaurants and lodging fairly easily there.