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Printable Self Guided Tours

Good Afternoon,

I am in the process of finalizing my itinerary for 10 days in Spain, Oct. 28-Nov. 6. I have referred to used Rick Steves Spain 2017 for my main source.

I have planned to incorporate many of his self-guided tours. My question is......
Is there a format or other way to copy this information? I would love have a leaflet for myself and husband. I do not like the results from trying to copy using a printer to copy.

Am I forced to tear pages out of book? I'd rather not do that.


Posted by Laura
Rick Steves' Europe
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For the couple of city walks that have been recorded as Audio Tours, you can download a printable route map from that page (or you can see the map on your phone if you download the Audio Europe App). But for other content, the options are as you already understand.

Posted by Maria
Ontario, Canada
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I know it is hard to cut up a book but Rick recommends that and even sells covers and spines to fit these smaller segments. I was doing this this weekend and daughter was aghast until I put the book in one hand and the chapter in another. No more argument.

Posted by CJean
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Am I forced to tear pages out of book? I'd rather not do that.

Why not? Are you going back again next year? If not, then what are you going to lose? Chances are, if you go back in a couple of years from now you'll want an up to date book anyway.

Right now I've got 5 RS guidebooks sitting on my desk. Do you know how much space and weight those would take up in my bag? I'll be sitting down this weekend and carefully cutting out ONLY those sections of the books that I want. And then I'll use bulldog clips to hold each section together until I'm done with them. And then I'll toss them. Some who are more frugal would keep them and return each section to the previously dissected books at home.

I figure that since I'm spending several thousand dollars on this trip, sacrificing a few guidebooks that I'm not likely to use again amounts to small change.

Posted by clkennon OP
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That was easy. So glad I asked. Your answers make perfect sense. Thanks for the quick responses. I will cut out what I need, make copies for husband and be done. I guess I just needed to be sure printable versions weren't somewhere in the cyber world.


Posted by djp_syd
David in Brisbane, Australia
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I recommend an easy extension to Rick's Madrid walk from Puerta del Sol to ...
•Gran Via/Calle Alcala
•Metropolis Bldg
•Banco de Espana
•Plaza de Cibeles
•Puerta del Alcala
•El Retiro Park

Posted by rizell
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If you use kindle version of the book, its on your phone and no need to tear anything!