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Preparing for the Bilbao portion of our trip.

What is the best way to get from the airport to the Guggenheim? Taxi? train?

At some point we'll be picking up our rental car at the airport. How is parking in the city? Should we get our car first, and drive in to the Guggenheim? One of us is not a big walker, especially anticipating a lot of walking within the museum.

Any recommendations for restaurants? As I said, we will have a car. If parking is not a big hassle, we may stay near the airport.

Many thanks!

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If you are picking up a rental car at the airport, you might as well get it when you arrive instead of having to go back to the airport. There is ample parking near the Guggenheim.
Parking in the city is more challenging, it depends on where you are staying. How long is your stay? If it's just one or two nights, then it's no big deal - you can find a parking lot. But if it's longer, you could shorten your rental car duration, use a few taxis in the city, and rent a car as you are ready to leave.

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We parked in an underground garage very near the Guggenheim.

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As a Bilbao local: there´s no train from the airport to the city, there´s a bus (3eur) every 20min that stops a 5min walk from the Guggenheim. Taxi should be around 30 to 35eur.

If you´re renting a car at the airport (any particular reason for doing so? The same rental companies can be found in the city), driving into Bilbao is easy (it´s a very compact city, we walk everywhere, no need at all for a car while in the city). There´s a parking lot at Plaza Euskadi, a very short walk to the Guggenheim.

Do NOT miss the old quarter of Bilbao, a beautiful area, as the rest of the city (you´ll love its architecture). Plenty of good restaurants, from several Michelin ones to a wide variety of cheaper ones...budget? Preferences?

I would not rent a car for Bilbao, public transport is excellent in the Basque Country and driving and parking in the city may be complicated, as there´s currently a "war" against combustion engine vehicles and speed limit is just 18miles an hour.