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Preferred route from San Roque de Riomiera to Burgos

I am planning a family (adult children) trip through the Basque Country and part of Castilla y Leon in September. I am looking for recommendations for the most picturesque/scenic (may not be the same) route from San Roque de Riomiera to Burgos. It looks like there are two routes out of San Roque: 1. A southwesterly route, using CA 262, 263, 261, and N 623 and 2. a southeasterly route to Loma de Montija, using BU 572, 571, 570. At Loma, the route forks: A. the more westerly route uses CL 629; B. the more easterly route uses N 629.

According to googlemaps, each route takes about the same time. I would appreciate any recommendations. I have never travelled in this part of Spain. Thanks

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If you take the first route, the N623 will take you past Orbaneja del Castillo. There is a large cave at the edge of the village and creek comes out, crosses the village and drops off in a water fall. You might enjoy it as a stop on you way to Burgos.

If you are not in a hurry, take the CA275 through the Valderredible to the A67 and then N627 back to Burgos. In Valderredible there are some interesting rupestre church, and the medieval Collegiate church of San Martin is worth a visit. Also once you've doubled back on the N627, make sure you go to the Mirador of Covalagua. It is on the cliffs above the valley and has a spectacular view. Not for people with vertigo thought. At that same point is the cave of the Franceses.