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Prado and Royal Palace - Sorolla ticket issues

I will be in Madrid next month and can’t wait to see the Sorolla special exhibits at the Prado and at the Royal Palace. Would welcome your input on some ticketing confusion.

The Prado website states special exhibits require a timed-entry ticket. Will I be able to enter the Prado early to view the other collections first? I did email the museum for feedback, and here’s their response: “To see the Sorolla exhibition it is not necessary to have a special schedule since it is included in the permanent collection of the museum. The exhibition with a special time pass would be the Guido Reni exhibition.” Their response is in direct conflict with purchasing information on the Prado website. Plus, I still am unsure if I can enter the museum prior to the timed-entry. Has anyone been to this exhibit, or can shed clarity?

For the Sorolla exhibit at the Royal Palace, it appears timed-entry tickets must be purchased through this website It also appears the tickets are released 30 days prior to entry date and sell out immediately. Any tips for securing tickets? Any idea what time the tickets are released?

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Ugh. I actually have to book these for myself later today. I’ll let you know how I make out.

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When I go to the Prado's website (, scroll down to the panel for the Sorolla exhibition and click on it, I am directed to a section of the Prado website that appears to sell regular entry tickets. I can easily find tickets even for the immediate future. For some upcoming dates the very first few entry times are sold out. Otherwise, you have great flexibility. Since the ticket time is for the entire museum, I wouldn't expect to be able to enter earlier; you never know, though, they might let you in early if the museum isn't busy.

If you read the explanation of the Sorolla exhibition, it appears to be a rehanging of paintings already belonging to the Prado and previously displayed in multiple sectionsof the museum. With (apparently) no borrowed works, it would be unusual to need a special ticket for this exhibition.

The official website of the Royal Palace ( is down for maintenance at the moment, so I'm unable to check the ticket situation from the museum's website. The Royal Palace is a very popular sight, not least with visiting Spaniards, but I'm surprised to hear that a Sorolla exhibition there is selling out as soon as tickets go on sale.

I was able to navigate to the Entradas website for the Sorolla exhibition ( without having to go through the Prado website. I see only two sold-out dates: April 26 and May 3. I don't know how limited the time selection might be for the available dates, however.

If you cannot see tickets for the days you need, try these techniques, which sometimes work:

  • Use a different browser
  • Use a different device (PC, tablet, smartphone)

I assume you are both aware that Madrid has a museum dedicated specifically to Sorolla: It seems to have a special exhibition running this year, too.

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Good tip, acraven! Yes, we hope to visit Sorolla’s house as well. Appreciate your feedback for the Prado and Royal Palace exhibits. For the Prado, it’s confusing because the Sorolla exhibit is listed as one of the museum’s Temporary Exhibits, even though these works are part of the permanent collection. The Plan-Your-Visit page on the website lists all the temporary exhibits and states: “Purchase your ticket with a time pass to visit the temporary exhibitions.” If you click on the General Admission ticket, you’re given several purchase options, including a General ticket and a General + Exhibitions Time Pass. They’re the same price so I guess I could purchase the time pass just in case. I’m guessing there would be no downside??

I did find available Sorolla tickets at the Royal Palace by using another browser. Thanks for the tip!

Looking forward to your feedback, scudder!

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Janz- Not getting to it tonight—trying to coordinate with Spaniards two are 6 hours ahead and didn't get back to me today.

But the Serolla house is one of my favorite places in Madrid. (The city's packed with great museums that get overlooked in the shadows of 'the big three')