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Possible Itinerary for Tarifa, Gibraltar, Tangier, and Ronda

This is what our tentative itinerary looks like for the above cities. We are going to be based in Tarifa and do Gibraltar and Tangier as day trips. We will visit Ronda on our way to Granada and plan to store our luggage. We are also traveling with two little ones (3 years old and 13 months old). Obviously, we will have to be flexible with our itinerary if the kids require it. Anything else we should add or consider?

Thursday, May 22

Bus to Tarifa: 14:00 to 16:55 or 17:30 to 20:25

Arrive at 4:55 or 8:25

Check in at apartment

Explore Tarifa/grocery stop?


Friday, May 23

Day trip to Gibraltar

Walk across border to Gibraltar

Take red bus #5 (runs every 15 minutes) to Market Square stop (3 stops) near Casemate’s Square

Take blue bus #2 to cable car that takes you to the rock

Cable Car - 11.90 pounds per person, Kids free

Take cable car back or walk

Rick Steve’s self-guided walk from cable car station to Casemate’s Square
Grocery stop?

Saturday, May 24

Day trip to Tangier, Morocco with private tour guide - Is there anything specific we should ask to see other than what is listed in Rick's book?

Sunday, May 25

Isla de las Palomas

Castillo de Guzman

Church of St. Matthew - Attend mass at 12

Head to Gunlao if too windy to be on the beach

Monday, May 26 - Ronda

Train from Algeciras to Ronda (Arrive a little after 10 am)

Explore Ronda:

Puente Nuevo

Church of Santa Maria de la Encarnacion

Arab Baths or Lara Museum if time

Alameda Park - possible picnic?

Palacio de Mondragon

Church of La Merced

Train from Ronda to Granada (Leave a little after 5 pm)

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Those listed sights in Tangier will be plenty. The most fascinating part of the town is the street life and markets and getting lost among them.