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Portugal+Spain+Croatia OR Turkey?

I was thinking of doing a trip April-May 2015 for about 30-45 days. I thought of either doing Portugal+Spain+Croatia Or simply Turkey.

I want to kind of just take the feel, really explore whichever place I am in, and not rush through. Also, I am not on a very high budget- somewhere in the lines of 3500$, I am from india, so my flight tickets to and fro, from the main destinations (say india to barca and croatia to india) will cost me around 800$ minimum, plus the visas. which leaves me with 2500$ for food, internal travel and stay. Do I need to increase my budget? What is better and how many days should be given for each place? Can turkey be done in less than 30 days? What is better ? Turkey or Spain ?

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What is better ? Turkey or Spain ? Cheaper? More interesting? What interests you?

25 days, $2500 = $100/day

45 days, $2500 = $55/day

Food and lodging in Turkey will probably be a lot less expensive. On the other hand, you may want to take day tours once you're out of Istanbul, which will add to the cost. I was surprised at how little English the people knew - even in Istanbul and even the people who are in the tourist industry.

Traveling from place to place - like from Spain to Croatia - will eat up a lot of time and money.

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Hi chani,
I am more interested in having a variety of things to see. Something that has good beaches, as well as a nice night life. Something that has things to do like zip lining and bungee jumping or anything that keeps me on my toes. I am very full of life kinda person. I would love to just randomly take a walk in any street and explore. What country is more friendly in those terms?
Cheaper Or More interesting - I would def go for more interesting. I don't mind 25 days with a 100$ budget. Note that I will be only staying in hostels and cheap places since I want to do more and sleep very little :)

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In terms of beaches, Portugal/Spain/Croatia will beat Turkey's, unless you're in a place like Bodrum. In Spain, you'll be able to go bungee jumping and sky diving, although I'm not sure about zip lining. When I flew from Barcelona to Dubrovnik, my flight was around 250 USD. The people in Portugal were some of the friendliest people I met anywhere, and in Croatia, they are quite friendly as well. As far as budgeting goes, you can do $55 a day in Portugal, Southern Spain, and definitely Croatia, assuming the majority of your time isn't in Dubrovnik. In that time of year, temperatures will be in 20's, so it'll be very comfortable. I prefer the first option, but to each his own.

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I think you would prefer Portugal/Spain which are really beautiful countries.
Also, you will be able to see a lot of different locations without having to move far, since e.g. Barcelona is way different to Algarve in Portugal, Madrid or whatever.
Turkey is beautiful, I suppose. There, you can go if you want to see a real different culture, since it's an islamic country and all.

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Hey Everyone !

Thank you all for you inputs.
So ive decided on - Portugal + Spain + Croatia + Parts of Italy - Cinque Terre, Verona, Amalfi, Tuscany. (Since i've done Rome, Milan, Venice already) I increased on the duration and budget to fit Italy.
Any suggestions for cheap hostels?
And MUST see places?

Thanks :D

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If you're going all the way to Portugal, you MUST see Lisbon and nearby Belem and Sintra. Also Evora. Are you planning on going mostly by bus? That will save money compared with train or rental car.

Crossing Spain would work best by train, and you can get cheaper fares if you book early, but then you're committed to that departure date and time. Spain is big enough that I'd suggest spending time in either the south (Sevilla, Granada) or the north (Madrid, Segovia, Barcelona) but not both before moving on to your next country.

Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast are quite some distance apart in Italy, and either one gives you a coastal experience. Still, they are different, but if you're not looking at seeing other places in between them, consider going to just one of those areas (probably Cinque Terre) and saving the time and travel expense for other parts of your holiday.

Croatia - see Diocletian's Palace in Split! Also, Plitvice Lakes National Park is fantastic!