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Plug & Outlet type in Spain

Not the same from North American? also heard Spain uses higher voltage than North american. Is it ok using their outlet type to charge for iphone and ipad?

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All of Europe is on 220 volt. For your iPhone and iPad you only really need an adapter plug - these devices are dual voltage and are designed to not need a converter. The plug you need is the one with two rounded pins. Apple sells a great world adapter kit - I've had mine for years and can go anywhere in the world with what's in there. It uses your regular USB cord and then you just slide it into the converter and plug it in. The converter is sold separately. Even though I don't need it I still use an Apple converter - I worry a little about power surges and/or lightning storms so use it even though, technically, you don't really need it. If you search on YouTube there are several tutorials to see how they are used. They are very easy.

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The Apple kit is nice if you have the full size Apple bricks for laptops and such. Those power supplies have a removable plug that you replace with one from the kit to work with the sockets where you are. The kit is expensive compared to other options, but then so are most Apple options.

For an iPhone, the Apple kit does not work. Get one of the $1 adaptors from the Rick Steves Online store (buy several at that price in case you lose one or two).