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Planning for week spring break trip

I’m not a big fan of short trips but I think this itinerary reasonable for a long week. Of course could just stay in Madrid the whole time.

Day 1: Arrive Granada (3 planes) after overnight flight.

Day 2: Alhambra and something else

Day 3: Train to Madrid with Codoba stopover

Days 4-8: Madrid with day trips (seen Toledo only but would return). Segovia?

Day 9: Fly home

Looking for any suggestions. I’ve been before but in the 80s. I’d rather go when I could stay longer but not an option this time.

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How does Easter impact your trip? I have learned to either plan for it or away from it, but be aware of the Holiday.
Safe travels!

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There are definitely shifts in hours of some Andalusian tourist attractions during Semana Santa. Places along processional routes may have additional full- or half-day closings. I was in neither Cordoba nor Granada during Semana Santa, so I don't know how affected they are, but hotel rates in Seville were much higher than usual (perhaps about double), and cancelation rules were less generous than they are typically. I think I had a 14-day cancellation requirement for my room in Seville. It wasn't that much of an issue in 2019, but it would be something of a concern (for me) if I were planning the same trip for next spring.

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It's a fast visit but you've made good choices I think. Some thoughts:

The Alhambra can take most of your day, including the gardens. For your second Granada sight, if there's time, I suggest the late-Gothic Royal Chapel in the center of the city next to the cathedral, with the tombs of Ferdinand and Isabella and amazing Renaissance altar.

Take an early train to Cordoba and a late one to Madrid. The Mezquita is one of my favorite sights in Europe. I liked it better than the Alhambra, maybe because it's more manageable in scale, but also because the Christians built a cathedral in the middle of it (instead of replacing it entirely as in Sevilla and other cities). The old synagogue and Casa de Sefarad, a Jewish museum, are also very interesting. Check out the city view from halfway across the bridge, but don't bother with the obscurely hokey Museum of Andalucian Life at the far end.

The aqueduct in Segovia is another of my Europe "top" favorites, a stunning example of Roman engineering, and the hilltop city is also attractive and interesting. In my mind it competes with Toledo for a day trip. But Madrid has plenty to occupy your whole time there.

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Thanks. I forgot this week is Holy Week. The school spring break is fixed but sometimes Easter does coincide. Would have to get to the airport on Easter Sunday. Prado is open every day in March and April. Checking other sites they are open normal hours that week, some even have an added free day.

What's odd about this American/Iberian codeshare is that the fares are inverted:
Basic Economy $900
Premium Economy $1350
Main Cabin Economy $1355

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Business is over $8000. Not really much rhyme or reason to any of the price differentials. Only the Premium Economy is a good value now. My limited experience is that premium economy to Europe is normally priced about $2000. We flew it to Reykjavik for only $1000 and now kind of hooked.